Monthly Archives: October 2013

My family is a little odd too

Everyone has strange family members, some have many.
I fall into the latter category, heavy on the GORY.
Sorry, a little Halloween joke there, but you get the idea.
Kathleen Madigan is one of us, and that is a good thing.
Here she talks about her family in a way that we can all
relate to…and then some.


White Clutter in New Hampshire

Juston McKinney is probably the funniest stand-up
comedian to ever come out of New Hampshire.
I should probably rephrase that, that’s kind of like
saying “The best tasting burger at McDonalds!”.
He is a VERY funny guy, that much is true.
A great delivery, superb material and a nice stage
presence make for a well rounded entertainer.
Here he is talking about his roots…

He should make it very big, he deserves it!

Snakes on a Flame

Sorry, couldn’t resist.
Phil Johnson, otherwise known as Roadside Attraction, has
a neat little video out called “Here Comes My Baby”.
Clever, good music and a girl that makes you hard…
what more could a guy ask for?!

Told Ya!

This is for you Damien!

The Omen is one of the best horror movies ever made.
Seriously, a chilling thriller with a great script and
superb acting by some of the best in the business.
This is a scene from early in the movie that just sets
the tone for what is to come!


Standing on the shoulders of freaks

Henry Phillips is one heck of a talent.
He, like many other great funny people, started out as
a folk singer of sorts, eventually doing just humor
after testing the waters and determining that he had
a real knack for making people laugh.
This is a fan tribute, and I don’t do many of these, but
it is a great song and the visuals are pretty good too.

Great pipes!