Monthly Archives: November 2013

I run the Sheet Slitter Shoe Shaper

Earlier today I was thinking the usual Friday afternoon
thoughts of…world domination, custom made throne,
concubines and all the trappings befitting of a mentally
challenged, middle aged man with a yen for fame and fortune.
Then the guy in the car in back of me laid on his horn
and I snapped out of it.
I wonder if The Brain ever gets honked at in traffic.

Probably not.

Geek Humor Lives!

Tim Lee is a scientist with a PHD in Biology, who just
happens to be a pretty good comedian as well.
He’s just what this country really needs, a learned man
with a fine sense of humor!
I have always said, humor and intelligence certainly
go hand in hand.
Here he is with a clever Power Point presentation.

I like that!

Daddy’s Money

Ogden Edsel Wahalea Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
is/was fronted by the wonderfully eccentric Bill Frenzer.
Known for comedy classics like Dead Puppies, Fish People
of Berodenon and this one…

An oldie but still very relevant!

I will never drink again!

Adam Ferrara is one of my favorite stand-up comedians
at the moment, in the top ten for sure.
He has great material, a killer stage presence and
is as funny as anyone on the circuit.
I play him on the show to good reviews.
Here he is talking about his relationship with the
big guy upstairs.

We do have some similarities!

Stick another ribbon on your SUV

The Asylum Street Spankers are/were a very unique band.
They, just recently, split up after many years of playing
together but their enormous output of funny and informative
songs will definitely live on.
I play the heck out of them on the show, great stuff.
As a matter of fact you can procure just about anything
that they’ve released over the years from their website.
This is the gang doing a two-fer!
One little f-bomb at the 3:29 mark, other than that…superb!

I like them a lot!
Here is where you can but their material…

Security Questions

The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) is a comedy sketch group
that is better than most, they’ve been around a long time
and deservedly so…a pretty funny bunch for sure.
This is one of their more creative skits, imaginative and
clever, and a very familiar situation to be in if you have
a decent office job.

I like it!