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…Torched all the feed

Dana Lyons wrote a song that was to change the beef industry
I’m kidding, I’ve always wanted to start a post off with
some dramatic flair…I’d still like to (sigh).
Actually, Dana Lyons is but a simple Folk artist from
Washington state who also happened to pen a few widely
acclaimed children’s books.
A pretty talented guy, in my humble opinion
He came to MY attention not that long ago when he wrote
and performed a pretty funny tune called “Cows With Guns”.
Here’s the video of it…pay attention at the 2:40 mark,
the look on the cows face after he tips over the milk
truck is absolutely priceless!


Ask for it when ordering

Mike Baldwin is a laid back stand up comedian that has some
very clever material, match that with a cool stage presence
and you have a recipe for success.
I’ve been playing him on the show to good reviews, his CD
“Bees Can Taste With Their Feet” is a real find…very funny
and easy on the ears.
Here is Mike doing a fine set at a judged competition…


Check please!

I loves me a great spoof!
Having said that, when the opportunity comes up to poke
fun at the Holy Grail of Over Hyped Pseudo Science Fiction
Movies (HGOHPSFM), IE: Star Wars, I jump on it like it
was a caramel covered, vanilla flavored, three layered,
white chocolate flecked birthday cake!
Mel Brooks has seldom been better.
Here is John Candy, Bill Pullman and John Hurt with a
classic scene at a restaurant somewhere in a galaxy
far, far away…

“It’s got a mind of its own”!
Too much!

License plate that says Sparky

The Pheromones are/were a cool duo that got a lot of
exposure in the 80s, especially on the college circuit.
They were what I call “Serious Funny”, humor with a message.
I was communicating with one of the guys for a while, Jimmy
had moved to Canada and had some success there.
As with ALL good humor, I MUST keep the memory and the spirit
alive, especially if it’s still relevant.
And THIS is…

See, I told you.

My aunt, who I live with…

Not the 9:00 News, Rowan Atkinson’s comedy troupe from
the 1980s, is one of the best sketch groups ever.
When you combine British humor and insight with the
talent that those four members possessed you have a
recipe for success of the humorous kind.
They certainly were prolific, lots of superb skits that
still sound as good as when they first came out.
This is a great piece, Rowan and Mel Smith and their best!

I love the twist at the end!

She’s my DAUGHTER…

Tom Wilson is a very talented man. Actor, comedian, musician,
voice over artist and painter, he is certainly no
underachiever, by any stretch of the imagination.
I am here to spotlight the stand-up comedian part of his
career. I’ve been playing him on the show and he fits right
in, musically his material is as funny as anything out there
and his stand-up material is right up there also!
He is famous for his role as Biff, the antagonist, on the Back
to the Future trilogy but to me his talents are firmly in the
field of comedy. Here’s a great display of what he can do, a
few pieces of which I have played on Comedy 101 Radio…

Tom Wilson on stage

Then the horns kicked in…

In the 1990s Jock Blaney and Michael Nealy were the two
principal members of a Seattle based group called 2NU.
Their sound is best described as spoken word, sound effects
and great musicianship.
I interviewed them on the show and we all had a great time.
They produced some fine material that I love to play on C101R.
In 1991 one of their singles broke into the Billboard Hot 100.
It was called “This is Ponderous”, and here it is…

Great sound!

The wings are NOT on fire

I’ve been looking for Monty Python sketches that are not that
well known, and to my delight I have found a plethora of them.
This is a great one, some pretty dark humor here.
When I see John Cleese and Graham Chapman together WITH Michael
Palin I KNOW it’s gonna be good!
“Oh, God I’m bored” Says Graham…

Terrific stuff!

through rose colored glasses…

The late, great Mitch Hedberg was a gifted comic.
Not always top shelf, but never the bottom one.
I saw him in Montreal in the 90s and he was pretty funny.
Managed to see him again in the early 2000s and it was just okay.
That was his reputation, but people went to see him in droves
because he made them laugh.
Here he is at the same venue that I saw him perform, about
two years later…

RIP Mitch, you are missed.

I ain’t got street cred

MC Mr. Napkins is no more, he has dropped the moniker and
is going back to his given name of Zack Sherwin.
The talent is still there though, that much hasn’t changed.
This is a great piece by him, I play the track on the show
but the video really adds to it and makes it better.
I hope he puts out more in the future…

Great stuff!