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If you were Jiminy Cricket…

Ze Frank, not to be confused with his brother Letsbe, is a
humorous internet phenomenon known for his True Facts series.
Yes, I am aware that you already know this but please keep
in mind that some of the people who frequent this website
were born yesterday…this is for them.
Here he spotlights the wild and wacky life of the Chameleon.
Watch this video, get smarter and impress all your friends
OR don’t broaden your horizons and be rejected by everyone
and end up taking your life, alone, in the woods, where
nobody will ever find your body.
The choice is YOURS!

Wise move!

Bill has a large rudder

The Smothers Brothers have been around for many years and for
a very good reason, they are a superb comedy act!
They have a lot in their comedic arsenal…they can sing
quite well, their comedic timing is exquisite, they have
great stage presence and the material is top shelf.
This piece goes back quite a ways, I wanted to show you what
they were like back in the mid sixties before they became
really well known, certainly before their ground breaking
television show from the late 60s.
The chemistry is there, no doubting that, and I just love
how they play off each other!

More to come…

It’s a World Dance Party

In honor of the Winter Olympics and the universal feeling of
camaraderie that such an event creates I decided that The Fools
would be a very nice pick for the song imbed here.
This is early in their career with Mike Girard on vocals
and a cast of splendid characters rounding out the cast,
performing in a goofy, yet lovable, video that the 80s
MTV crowd was famous for.
Seriously, if you ever have the chance to see them live
DO NOT miss it, they are as good as they come and funny
as anything you’ll ever see!

I’ve seen them perform and they are SUPERB!

I’d never cancel afternoon school…

Speaking of the classics, this is definitely one of them!
Rowan Atkinson has produced his share, that is a fact.
Over the years he has worked with some of the best in the
business…Monty Python, Angus Deayton, Hugh Laurie and
Stephen Fry and many more.
This is Rowan and Angus doing one of the best skits ever…

“Well, I NEVER beat him to death!”
Great stuff!

Would you like a chocoleeet?

Kevin Meaney is a good stand-up comedian with a style all
his own, insightful, observant and a tad on the manic side.
I remember him from the old days around the Boston area,
honing his act at the local comedy clubs with some of the
best in the business.
I play him on the show and the listeners love him.
This bit gets airplay on Comedy 101 Radio…enjoy!
A couple of low end naughty words but nothing really harsh.

Good stuff!

She is perfect!

J Chris Newberg is a pretty talented musician/singer that
gets some quality time on the show because I like his tunes.
Dark, well written songs always get my attention and he’s
got some good ones.
This is a nice one for the upcoming Valentines Day occasion.
She looks good, but…

Check him out, his stuff is clever and funny.

The new sheriff is a n*BONG*!

Okay, now that this is officially Naughty Word Week I thought
I’d combine that with the 40th anniversary of Blazing Saddles
and really make it an event to remember.
This is one of the funniest scenes in the movie and, an added
benefit, it is full of words that you shouldn’t utter in
mixed company…combine that with “it’s really damned funny”
and you have what should be a decent little video.
There are some very quotable moments in this movie, it is
a one of a kind piece of cinema and there will never be
another like it again.
As always, please let me know what you think…

A classic movie from the minds of Mel Brooks and the late,
great Richard Pryor!

Using the word…retard.

Do I have your attention?
I admit it, I use the word “retard” on occasion.
Before you get all worked up and rebuke me mightily, and I
DO understand why you would want to, please watch this video.
I have appreciated the talents of Christopher Titus, and
have given him air time, for many a year now.
His perspective is unique, he comes from a family that
would best be described as dysfunctional…do a bio on him
when you have some time, it is interesting, to say the least.
Admittedly I bristle when told that I should not use a word
because it’s offensive to someone.
Words, uttered without malice, should NEVER be labelled
as offensive…EVER!
I welcome your opinions.

Great piece!