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And Columbus is the capitol of OHIO

The Animaniacs was a cartoon that ran from 1993 to 1998 on
various television channels here in America.
The comedic output was fantastic, between the numerous
audio pieces that I can and have played on the show and the
variety of videos that are sidesplitting in nature I am
besides myself with joyous mirth!
Here’s a great one from Wakko, doing the 50 state capitols!

Nice one!

Hop the next fish out of town

The late, great Richard Jeni was as good as it gets in the
crazy world of stand up comedy.
He was my favorite for many years, very quick witted and
extremely observant of the human condition, top shelf
in every way.
This is a variation of a classic piece that I like to
play on the show…Jaws: The Revenge!
The sound is very good and the video is a little low res
but it is still very much a great piece of entertainment.

RIP Mr. Jeni, you are sorely missed!

I’m alriiiight…

Caddyshack is a movie that is as classic as you can get when
it comes to comedic cinema.
Everything about this movie makes me laugh, the cast,
the one liners the preposterous situations…EVERYTHING!
Ted Knight, Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Brian
Doyle-Murray, his brother Bill and a whole lot more!
Here’s a great little tribute to the best scenes from
the movie, My God I love that gopher…

Makes me want to watch the whole darned thing!

I wanted to be a Jeep!

Daniel tosh is my favorite stand-up comedian on the circuit
right now and has been for quite a while.
He is irreverent, smart as a whip, has great stage presence
and his material is as good as it gets.
Here he is at the Montreal Comedy Festival doing what he
does best…

Check out the ending where he gets greeted by Harland Williams!

Oy Danny Boy!

No, that is NOT a misprint!
This is freakin’ hilarious!
The Muppets sing…Danny Boy!!!

I was crying I laughed so hard!

Finnegan’s Wake

Darby O’Gill is a superb Irish folk band from the Portland,
Oregon area!
I interviewed them a few years ago and came away with great
respect for their many talents.
I love the banter from the band and the audience during the
songs, it really adds to the overall ambience.
This is a fan tribute posting of them doing…Finnegan’s Wake!

More to come!

Paying for your sins

Don Novello, AKA Father Guido Sarduci, is a very underrated
comedian that deserves more accolades then he has gotten.
He has produced more classic comedy than you might think.
This is a great one that I played on last weeks show,
by request…Paying for Your Sins!

Gotta love it!