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And my mother was Elton John…

A request…
Jim Gaffigan is a good, rock solid, stand-up comedian.
There are no ups or downs with him, it’s all good.
Here he is at the Montreal, Just for Laughs, Comedy Festival
back in 2000…I was about fifty rows back and could just
make out his shiny head!

Good stuff!

Happy Easter from Bill Hicks!

The late, great Bill Hicks was one of a kind in the world
of stand-up. A child prodigy, he started doing comedy in
the bars of Texas at the tender age of 15!
He was one of the very best ever until pancreatic cancer took
him at the age of 32.
I played this cut on this weeks show, it’s a classic
as far as I’m concerned…

Well said, Bill, well said!

Welcome to TnT Airlines!

I loves me some great sketch comedy.
The problem is, there is very little GREAT sketch comedy
around, at least material that I can PLAY that is.
This is a nice one from Tripp and Tyler, you can subscribe
to their website and download these for your own pleasure.
This is one of my favorites…TnT Airlines!

Good one!