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Your childhood was…vast!

A good one from the Wil Wheaton Project.
This guy is as cool as deep space, cue the bad
Wesley Crusher reference, and twice as funny.
That made no sense whatsoever, but when has THAT ever
stopped me from anything?
Seriously, Wil has a lot going on and he has a twisted
sense of humor that I will spotlight from time to time.
This is…Everything Else From YOUR childhood: The Movie!

More soon!

The Salt and Pepper Diner

John Mulaney is a breath of fresh air in the world of
stand-up comedy, he’s young, clever and very funny!
This is what I consider to be a classic piece of his.
I’ve played it on the show and the listeners love it…
The Salt and Pepper Diner!

Great stuff!

Lame Claim to Fame

Weird Al is at it again.
This is one of the many videos released from his
Mandatory Fun recording. It’s good to see that he
is finally releasing videos after a lifetime of
being against doing so, these can be imbedded, shared
and otherwise repackaged and sold as original by
the unscrupulous amongst us (yeah…sure).
Here is Lame Claim to Fame!

Good stuff!

Cloud 9 Motel

I have been trying to find this song on a viable format for
MANY years now!
The band is called The Fabulous Farquahr, later just Farquahr,
and they were a very talented group of musical performers
who toured the New England area back in the 60s and 70s.
They did later gigs and pretty much broke up for good in the 80s.
Known for their sense of humor and musicianship they were
very popular to the throngs that sought them out, they actually
have a fan tribute Face Book page YEARS after they broke up.
Here’s a great track that spotlights what they could do…
Cloud 9 Motel!

I am looking for more!
There is a CD out called “From the Top” that I really WANT!
Very rare and extremely hard to find!