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My stomach hurts!

Stand-up comedian John Mulaney has an approach to his craft
that really appeals to me…he is laid back, insightful and
quite funny. I highly recommend him.
He makes you think in non traditional ways and this piece is
classic example of that.
He speaks the truth in a non-offensive way that makes you smile.

More to come!


I’m not a huge Bill Murray fan, he has had his moments but
his acting range seems a bit limited to me, I think his
brother Brian Doyle-Murray is more talented.
But what do I know?
Having said that, here’s a great scene with him and Steve
Martin in the classic movie, Little Shop of Horrors.
He plays a patient that likes pain just a bit too much
for the dentist’s liking.
I do love his facial expressions in this one.
The way the two work this scene together is legend…



In response to the passing of late, great Robin Williams I
have had conversations with a multitude of folks
on various aspects of his career, life and legacy.
One inquiry that I have been trying to tackle has been
a bit vexing to me…”Why have I not done a tribute to him
on the show, on my postings, both here and on Facebook?”
To be frank, I cannot find anything cohesive enough to
play…his stand-up was manic, unfocused and very hard to
edit. The profanity made it quite hard to work with
and I didn’t feel comfortable posting it in its entirety.
His roles in movies are equally as difficult to display.
To be succinct, the ultimate question that I’ve fielded
is this…”He was an actor, voice-over artist, stand-up
comedian and all around funny guy. Who has accomplished
more in the world of comedy than Mr. Williams?!”
Please allow me to broaden your horizons…THIS guy!

More to come!

I’m a bit of a lad

Sometimes it is very refreshing to see what is funny on the
other side of the pond, broadening ones horizons is always good.
It’s been no secret that I have always appreciated the
British sense of humor, they have spent years refining same.
This is Hale and Pace, a duo that had a very popular
television program not that long ago and are still
held in high esteem by all who know them.
I’ll play a few of their better sketches this week and, as
always, please let me know what you think.
This is a tongue in cheek piece called Mr. Popular…

More to come!