Monthly Archives: February 2015

I can braid hair

Mike Baldwin can indeed braid hair, he has mad skills.
All kidding aside, Mike is one of the funnier guys on
the circuit right now, and you wouldn’t think so on
first impression but once you hear him do a few minutes
you are hooked.
He is laid back, friendly and does observational comedy
with the best of them.
Here he is doing a set about family, cleaning oneself
and life in general…

Great stuff!

My Husband

He REALLY likes coffee apparently.
This is from the National Lampoon Radio Hour, with Chevy Chase.
You can get this and many other classic pieces from the
National Lampoon “Gold Turkey” collection.

More to come!

He Slept on His Arms

…last night!
This is a very funny little video by The Vacant Lot.
They had their own television show in Canada back in the
early 90s that had some iconic moments, and this is
one of them. The quality isn’t bad, could be better, but
please listen close, the lyrics are hilarious!

More to come!

Sports physical…

at the OB-GYN?!
Tommy Johnagin is a talented stand-up comedian that I play
on the show as much as I can.
His material is great, as his his delivery but it’s his
insight that sets him apart.
Here he is doing a Last Comic Standing gig that rocks!

Happy Monday!