Monthly Archives: July 2015

Nacho Crimes

Brought to you by You Suck at Cooking!
This is a pretty funny anger piece about the horrible
things people do to Nachos and little itty bitty tomatoes!
One naughty bit…minor quibble…we’re all adults…etc;

Stay with it until the end, seeing a tomato sigh is
a rare event indeed!

Your name, Sir?

A classic comedy sketch from Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry from
back when they were Britain’s exceptional Fry and Laurie
comedy duo, one of the very best I might add.
Clever stuff here…

A nice piece of work!

Viagra in the Waters

as done by The Four Bitchin’ Babes!
Yes, that is indeed Camille West, singing the song that she
had written as a parody of Harry Chapin’s 30’000 Pounds
of Bananas, just months before.
Some great lyrics here.
There are some videos of live performances out there but
the audio just isn’t any good so I give you this version.

A pretty funny song!