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Good Luck Everyone

This is a superb scene from one of the funniest
television series ever produced.
I have very little respect for the medium, especially
American TV, but the British have always had a higher
standard and have produced some of the best
programming on the planet.
Blackadder is one such production.
As smart as anything you’ll see on the tube, top
notch acting and great chemistry between Rowan
Atkinson and the supporting cast.
The series, set in four different time periods, starts
in the late 1400s and ends during the World War One era.
Every single episode but one had me laughing out loud.
This is the last scene from the last episode of the series.
As poignant as anything ever aired, and what makes this so
incredible is that the series could have ended with a
humorous bang, that’s what people expected and that’s
what should have happened.
But it didn’t.
The producers, and Rowan Atkinson, chose to make a statement…