Monthly Archives: November 2017


The classic!
As much as I love the song by itself, this video
brings it all together.
The brothers were way ahead of their time.
Nothing quite like them.
You have to appreciate the choreography…

Fatal Beatings

A classic by any other name!
Rowan Atkinson and Angus Deayton with a brilliant
comedy sketch about the British approach to education.
That may be generalizing a bit, I sincerely hope that
it’s a bit less harsh than they make it to be.
The wordplay is as good as it gets, a lovely piece indeed…

Bill Collectors

Anthony Griffith is a superb stand-up comedian!
He’s a long time favorite of mine, everything he does
is great…delivery, timing and material, as good as it gets.
He is a deeply religious man and he does a lot of gigs in that
capacity, but he doesn’t preach or chastise at all, don’t let
his devotion scare you away.
I highly recommend Mr. Griffith, this piece is a great
example of what he can do…