Monthly Archives: July 2018

Bear Safety

Tim Young with a very funny piece on camping and survival!
Bringing us to the age old question.
Which is more important, your food supply or your backside?
Seems like a short term/long term preference to me.
I go with the long game, I put the food in the tent…

I Can’t Get Behind That

Captain Kirk gets a bit self deprecating!
To be fair, William Shatner has always been a
bit like that, regardless of what you hear
in the press.
This is a neat little number where he rants
about things not to rant about.
I just confused myself.
I may have to go lie down…

Buckle Up Bonehead

A great battle scene from Army of Darkness where
Ash fights off most of the Bone Daddys but has a
little trouble with one “guy” in particular!
With apologies to Jerome Horowitz.
This series started off as a serious horror
flick and added the humor as they went along.
Good move, started a whole new genre, culminating
with this gem…