Monthly Archives: November 2018

Easy Not to Do Things

John Mulaney with a pretty funny piece on being lazy!
Children and adults view doing nothing very differently.
Makes sense to me, the older I get I have found that
down time is uncommon and not busting my backside is a rarity.
I look forward to breaks in between the chores…

Hot Chocolate 3 Ways

YSAC with a grand display of some cold weather options on
keeping your belly warm, your taste buds happy and your
dog well conditioned!
I’m not big on the sweet stuff but he got my mouth watering.
Surfer drink gets my vote, with a dash of vanilla…

Me Like Hockey

The Arrogant Worms with the Canadian national anthem!
The Great White Nord certainly treats that sport like
it’s special, a religious experience in a way.
Being Franco=American I can attest to the passion.
It’s a funny song by any measure…