Monthly Archives: March 2020

Passed a Cop

Pete Correale is a stand-up comedian that I’ve
been recently playing a lot of on the show.
He has certain insights that I find quite funny.
He’s one of a few comedians that I change my
opinion of when I see and hear him as opposed
to just hearing him.
I think it has something to do with timing more
than anything, his visuals seem to slow him
down a bit, where as when you hear him on the
radio it seems to be a superior product.
That’s not a critique really, but sometimes body
language can make a difference.
Watch this performance and then replay it but
just listen to the piece without the visuals.
Maybe it’s me.
He’s a great comic, glad to play him…

Fatal Beatings

An absolute classic from Rowan Atkinson
and Angus Deayton.
Rowan is in a comedic class by himself, I
know of no one else that could perform
this role like he does.
Angus is a hoot as well.
Some superb lines here…

Our Kids Are Trying to Kill Us

Christopher Titus with a humorous set about building
tolerances to the things that could kill us and the
snotty nosed little buggers that help that happen.
He touches on why it’s currently really important to
close the schools down, to stop the spread of the Corvid-19
virus and get things back to normal.
A quick relevant f-bomb at the 49 second mark, I’d
recommend covering any clergy you have in the house
with several hundred pounds of packing peanuts.
Wash your hands first…