Monthly Archives: November 2020


Heywood Banks with an ode to burnt bread.
I can see what folks like about it, I loves me
some toasty comestibles in the morning.
One with butter, the other with peanut butter.
Thank you for asking.
Heywood must be a hoot to have as a neighbor…

Cracking Toast!

A cute little snippet of birthdays, breakfast, and burnt toast.
From Wallace & Gromit’s The Wrong Trousers flick.
Typical low-key wonderful British humor, smart and interesting.
Gromit is truly his masters best friend…

The Toaster

A really good stand-up bit by the late, great John Pinette.
You can tell he’s not at peak physical health, his breathing
is labored and his timing is off but the material is there
and, more importantly, he gets into it.
That’s one of the things I always liked about John, he
enjoyed doing his shows, it really showed.
I saw him perform live at the beginning of his career, in
the middle and towards the end and he always brought it.
Top twenty comedians all time, no doubt in my mind.
Some funny lines here…