Monthly Archives: April 2023

Bachelor’s Lament

The Wayfarers are an Australian group of fine repute.
You can tell by the way this song is structured and the performance itself
that these artists are well seasoned and great at what they do.
Catchy, interesting and whimsical…

Wood Milk

I loves me a good parody.
I also loves me a wacky eccentric.
And if you embrace such things you will like this piece as well.
Aubrey Plaza is indeed eccentric, everybody knows that.
This is proof…

Why Some People Are Just Made Different

A rather humorous performance by New Hampshire’s own, Juston McKinney.
I laughed out loud a couple of times on this bit.
Juston is a smart stand-up comedian, great insight into the human condition.
Kinda makes sense, he was a law enforcement professional before he became
a comedian, assessing personalities would be a valuable assett.
Some great lines here…