Monthly Archives: June 2023

Bike Stop

MC Mr. Napkins (aka Zach Sherwin) with a tale of cycling woe.
I got pulled over on a bicycle once, cross walk violation and
failing to yield.
Fake names work really well under those conditions.
“I left my ID at home, officer” like a charm!
He had issues…

Fish License

An absolute classic from the top of the heap.
Monty Python has done a few different versions of this.
Michael Palin is great as the beleaguered clerk.
John Cleese plays the odd pet keeper, a role he was
born to play If I may say so.
A really great comedy sketch, even more so if your
name is Eric…

Delivering Pizzas

Andrew Norelli with a funny bit on part time jobs
and all the groupies you can handle.
Sorry, I meant groupers, you meet all sorts of fish
when you deliver pizzas.
Mostly anchovies, but a fish by any other name is
still a damned fish.
Did you know “za” is actually a legitimate word
that is acceptable in Scrabble?
It’s short for Pizza.
Scrabble has fallen on hard times apparently.
Only really old people, and the mentally ill still
play it, for various reasons.
Absolutely nobody likes the National Spelling Bee
winner, so there’s that.
The most efficient form of birth control is correcting
someone’s spelling, that’s another.
I grew up in family that played it religiously, before it
fell from grace.
One of our traditions was, if you at the end of the game
were stuck with the “Q” tile and no way to use it because
you couldn’t find a “U” you were allowed to stick that tile
up the nose of the actual winner of the game!
Usually the other “losers” would hold the winner down to
allow the “Q” holder to do the deed.
Everyone would just laugh and laugh, well everyone but
the person who inhaled the lucky tile…

Spring Time for Hitler

Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks!
A day late, sorry Mel!
This crazy little scene is from a movie that Mr. Brooks made
back in the 1960’s called The Producers.
The premise was they needed a tax write-off, the idea was to
create a movie that was so bad that nobody would show up
to actually see it.
The problem was, lots of people did in fact show up and the
movie was a big hit.
Instead of a tax deduction they received a full house with a
lot of tickets sold.
What a dilemma.
As I stated, a crazy little scene, bring on the nuns…


A National Lampoon parody of epic proportions.
It pokes fun at the classic “encouragement poem”
that was created by Max Ehrlman back in 1927.
I have that one hanging in my bathroom just to the
side of the mirror, covered in toothpaste spittle and
god knows what else.
Norman Rose is the narrator and Melissa Manchester
sings in the background.
“Give Up!”…

Bedside Manner

One of my all time favorites.
Mike Nichols and Elaine May with a classic
back and forth between doctor and patient.
A great piece that is only slightly dated, a
reference to hospital bed/room costs.
The lack of empathy is wonderfully funny…