Monthly Archives: July 2023

Frankie Sinatra

I absolutely love this piece by The Avalanches.
It deserves at least two posts a year, maybe more.
The imagery is just ambiguous enough to feel that there’s
something else of significance here, but when you get to
the end you realize, not really.
It’s a fun ride though.
Funny thing, the group is Australian, the video is decidedly
And where does the Chairman of the Board fit in here?

Barbershop/Lumberjack Sketch

This is a truly classic piece by Monty Python.
Terry Jones and Michael Palin have a go at it with the opening
sketch concerning a barber that dreads cutting hair, it then
converts to a musical number with Connie Booth and the
very butch lumberjack back up singers.
Those were the days of exceptional comedic adventure, these
folks broke it wide open…

The 1980’s Child Kidnapping Hoax

This is a great piece by Gary Gulman for a couple of reasons.
It’s funny enough on comedic material alone, but the message of
clarity and accuracy importance really elevates it.
This country is in a crisis right now, the nonsense factor is really
becoming an issue as of late, even more so than ever.
This sheds some light on it…