Monthly Archives: September 2023

True Facts: Coral Reefs

Ze Frank has changed his name to Melissa.
They claim “changes are coming!”.
“Bring it on” I say!
Then I woke up.
It was all a bad dream, brought on by excessive amounts
of stress and “B” shelf Scotch.
Terribly in need of a rich uncle dying and leaving me his
sizable estate so I can afford the good stuff.
I’ve got a request in.
A good showing on this one, much to learn if you ever
intend on living on the bottom of the ocean…

Bacon and Skin Cancer

Did I just post this?
I’m getting old and losing my cranial capabilities.
Hopefully it will be a long slow process.
Kathleen Madigan with a humorous look at her
favorite part of the pig, and photon bombardment.
One would not think they were related, but there
you go…

Bring Out Your Dead

An absolute classic slice of one of the greatest comedy
flicks of all time, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
This masterpiece came out in 1975 and it is just as
enjoyable today as it was back then.
Maybe even more so.
This is just so awesome, the banter, the irreverence, the mud…