On This Day in History

The wonderfully creative Bill Plympton was born back in 1946!
A very talented animator, cartoonist, and filmmaker he has
earned his accolades with many brilliant pieces to his credit.
When Push Comes to Shove came out in 1991 I was enthralled.
I tried to collect any and ALL Bill Plympton, even buying
the PC version of Take Your Best Shot, which I love dearly.
There’s nobody quite like him, he has a very unique style that
you can identify immediately as his.
His range goes from children’s fare to very adult, and I love
it all, quite a gifted man indeed.
Happy Birthday, Bill Plympton, may there be many more!
This went on to be part of one of his most famous works, The Tune.
It’s the little things in life that hurt most…

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