Fantasia Dei Gatti

This is special!
Not your typical comedy song.
In an effort to broaden your, and my,
horizons I offer this wonderful piece
of animation by the virtuoso violinist
Augustin Hadelich.
Though not pure comedy, there certainly is
some humor here, along with some superb
playing by Augustin himself.
Helped quite nicely, of course, by the gifted
composer Nicolo Paganini.
Do yourself a huge favor and search on the
internet for Mr. Hadelich, you will discover some
incredible things about him, his skill set, and
an unfortunate series of events that almost
stopped his career before he became the gifted
musician that he is.
I took violin lessons for quite a while when I
was much younger, on a good day the sound could
best be described as “awful”, with varying degrees
of “horrendous” depending on whether or not I was
drooling heavily at the time…

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