What’s Eating You?

The brilliance, and strangeness, of the late, great
Douglas Adams is on full display here.
This is a scene from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to
the Galaxy CBC Television’s six part series that
aired in 1981.
Time travel is common, the wealthy use it for all
sorts of things, some like to attend either of two
restaurants that are located at the beginning and
the end of time.
You can dine while viewing the creation, or the
demise, of the universe.
Don’t forget to tip your wait staff.
This scene has the main characters dining at the
eatery that exists at the end.
Technology is so advanced that the main courses have
been bred to fully cooperate and actually sell themselves
as the best choice for today’s culinary ingestion.
A very smart piece, it approaches meat eating from a
very different perspective.
I do so love this series…

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