Palpatine’s Trip

This is a hilarious Darth Sidious tweak.
They really do have it down at Robot Chicken
as far as the much hyped Star Wars franchise
is concerned, deadly accurate snark to be sure.
I watched the original first (fourth?!) flick when
it came out in the late 70’s, and glad I did, but
the acting has always been poor and the plot
thin so I never really embraced it like the average
mom’s basement living gimp has.
I think what killed it for me was the Ewoks, or the
fact that the most feared soldiers in the galaxy couldn’t
hit a watermelon with a shotgun blast from three feet
away, or that a @#$%^& Muppet was the head Jedi (?!),
or that Carrie Fisher was the “best” actor on the set.
I could go on.
‘Tis a funny bit this…

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