Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 10.6.11
Rest in Peace Steve Jobs
  1. The Ding Dong Song- Williams and Ree
  2. Look at All Those Idiots- The Simpsons (Harry Shearer)
  3. Jurassic Smoker- David Crowe (s-up)
  4. Where the Grass Don't Grow- Cledus T. Judd
  5. The Cat Came Back- The Wood's Tea Company
  6. Apple Store- Andrew Norelli (s-up)
  7. Fatal Beatings- Rowan Atkinson and Angus Deayton
  8. Psycho Chicken- The Fools
  9. Young Kids- Juston Mckinney (s-up)
  10. Welcome the The Internet Help Desk- Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie
  11. Baby Take Me Shopping- Joe Hall and The Continental Drift
  12. Killer Idea- Bill Hicks (s-up)
  13. My Father's Top Drawer- Peter Alsop
  14. The Lunatic Song- Paul Green and Bob Morledge
  15. Lazy Boy- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  16. Spaz Attack- 2NU
  17. Pregnant Women are Smug- Garfunkel and Oates
  18. The All-Suicide TV Channel- George Carlin (s-up)
  19. Last Will and Temperament- The Frantics
  20. Lydia the Tattooed Lady- Groucho Marx
  21. Sharks- Henry Cho (s-up)
  22. Either Way it's Fine With Me- Ducks Breath Mystery Theatre
  23. Fishing for Sheep- Roger Lloyd Pack
  24. Married to Tech Support- Maz Jobrani (s-up)
  25. Freaker's Ball- Shel Silverstein
  26. I Wish I Were- Da Vinci's Notebook
  27. The Ferguson Family- Ron Ferguson (s-up)
  28. My Virtual Girlfriend- Larry Weaver
  29. Fake- Daniel Tosh (s-up)

    I played a game of Angry Birds on my iPad in your honor
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