Comedy101 Playlist for 12.21.06
Yet another holiday show!
  1. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer- The Chipmunks
  2. Nuttin' For Christmas- Stan Freberg
  3. I Want An Alien For Christmas- Fountains of Wayne
  4. Fifty Kilowatt Tree- The Bobs
  5. Miss Fogharty's Christmas Cake- Darby O'Gill
  6. Buttcracker Suite- Bob Rivers
  7. Uncle Bruno's True Xmas Story- Da Yoopers
  8. Deck the Stalls (With Oats and Barley)- The Cowtown Chorus
  9. Ding, Fries Are Done- Billy
  10. Christmas Sucks- The Arrogant Worms
  11. A Christmas Carol- Tom Lehrer
  12. Santa Claus is Watching You- Ray Stevens
  13. Xmas in Australia- Joe Dolce
  14. Misteltoe- The Hollytones
  15. Christmas in Heaven- Monty Python
  16. What Smell is This?- Scrooge Brothers
  17. Norburt the Nearsighted Reindeer- The Fools
  18. A Daddy's Christmas- Albert Brooks
  19. Santa Claus and his Old Lady- Cheech and Chong (yes, again!)
  20. The Christmas Party- Yogi Yorgesson
  21. Twelve Days of Cryptmas- The Cryptkeeper
  22. Christmas at Ground Zero- Weird Al Yankovic
  23. Mommy's Spoiled Child- The Capitol Steps
  24. Monster Holiday- Lon Chaney
  25. X-mas Shopping Blues- The Christmas Jug Band
  26. Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire- Bob Rivers
  27. Santa Claus Gone Bad- The Melonheads
  28. Christmas Wrapping- The Waitresses
  29. Santa Got a DWI- Sherwin Linton
  30. Christmas Dragnet- Stan Freberg

    (Sob) When will it end...dear God...make it...stop (sniff)
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