Comedy101 Playlist for 1.3.08
A new year is upon us
  1. Perry Had a Pimple- Heywood Banks
  2. Radio Radio- Bobby Jimmy and The Critters
  3. Sonnaaformato- John Pinette (s-up)
  4. The Man With Massive Toenails- Chuck Lucky and The Gentlemen of Leisure
  5. Moe Money- Cheech and Chong
  6. Skiing- Glen Foster (s-up)
  7. The Washcloth Song- Tom Cool
  8. Kitty Ball- The Village Idiots
  9. Winter Olympics- Jebb Fink (s-up)
  10. Awards- Rowan Atkinson
  11. Limp and Whiney- Travesty Limited (RIP Mr. Fogelberg)
  12. Sponge Dinosaurs- Jay Sankey (s-up)
  13. Odd Things- The Frantics
  14. Squirrels- The Beastly Boys
  15. Swimming Toddlers- Larry Horowitz (s-up)
  16. Meatco- Fast and Dirty
  17. McGregor's Kilts- The Dead Alewives
  18. Banter- Williams and Ree (s-up)
  19. Three Drunk Newts- Barnes and Barnes
  20. Fat As I Am- Bette Midler
  21. Lake Dumb SOB- Gary Muledeer (s-up)
  22. Daddy Please Don't Go- Todd Yohn
  23. A Witch- Monty Python
  24. The Perils of Inbreeding- Emo Philips (s-up)
  25. Henri's Arctic Outfitters- The Royal Canadian Air Farce
  26. Men- Vince Valenzuela (s-up)
  27. Happy New Year- Spike Jones

    It feels kind of heavy actually...I hope it goes on a diet
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