Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 4.12.12
This show was a little taxing
  1. When I'm Cleaning Windows- George Formby
  2. Gut Wrench Gert- Robbie Benoit
  3. One Story- Demetri Martin (s-up)
  4. The Rattlin' Bog- Darby O'Gill
  5. Take the Skinheads Bowling- Camper Van Beethoven
  6. SUV Generation- John Heffron (s-up)
  7. Tax Expert- Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner
  8. Hot Rod Lincoln- Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
  9. Odd Things- Jay Sankey (s-up)
  10. Ballad of Palindrome- Riders in the Sky
  11. A Boy Named Sue- Johnny Cash
  12. An Unbelievable Motorcycle Tale- Arlo Guthrie (s-up)
  13. For You- PH Fred
  14. Moose Turd Pie- Utah Phillips
  15. Breakfast in Heaven- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  16. Vampire Beavers- Joe Hall and The Continental Drift
  17. Pascagoula Pawn and Gun- Jim's Big Ego
  18. M&Ms and Bugles- Robert Hawkins (s-up)
  19. My Little Hamster- Manny Cardoza
  20. The Hostage- Kurt Weitzmann
  21. Work- Pete Lee (s-up)
  22. Intervention- Celestial Navigation
  23. Ed Shepp Exposes Salmelope Cruzak- Ed Shepp
  24. The Checkpoint- Christopher Titus (s-up)
  25. Look at All Those Idiots- The Simpsons (Harry Shearer)
  26. The Suicide Channel- George Carlin (s-up)

    So was that joke...Beware the Ides of April!
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