Comedy 101 playlist for 8.3.00
  1. Smothers Brothers- Chocolate
  2. Shel Silverstein- You're always welcome at our house
  3. 2NU- Spaz attack
  4. Big Daddy Graham- Daddy's little girl
  5. Emo Philips- The school shrink (S-up)
  6. Ray Stevens- Camping trip
  7. Ace T. and the Hindenburg ground crew- Kitty Mambo
  8. Mary Ellen Hooper- The beach (S-up)
  9. Methods of Male Bonding and Stress Relief- Spring Training
  10. Billy Dare and the Pumps- Baseball song
  11. Rolph Harris- Tie me kangaroo down (live redneck version)
  12. Todd Yohn- Daddy please don't go
  13. Judge Dread- My ding-a-ling
  14. Craig Shoemaker- Momisms (S-up)
  15. Dudley Moore and Peter Cook- Six of the best
  16. John Bartles- Thong song
  17. Beat Farmers- California kid
  18. Sean Morey- Lovers duet
  19. Steve Martin- French language (S-up)
  20. Peter Alsop- Fathers top drawer
  21. Frantics- Last will and temperament
  22. Brown paper wrapper- Timeless watch
  23. Dan Chopin- Mobile home man
  24. Jeff Altman- Buttsteak (S-up)
  25. Kip Addotta- Life in the Slawlane
  26. Camille West- Romance languages
  27. Glen Foster- Cordless phone (S-up)
  28. Monty Python- Bookshop
  29. Chuck Lucky and the Gentlemen of Leisure- Psycho plumber
  30. Joe Piscopo- Stupid pet tricks
  31. Chance Langton- Dating (S-up)
  32. Ducks Breath Mystery Theater- Senseless Cruelty
  33. Arrogant Worms- History was made by stupid people
  34. Kingston Trio- Merry Minuet
  35. George Carlin- Rice Krispies (S-up)
  36. Cheech and Chong- Acupuncture
  37. The Perch- Trouble granny
  38. Ivor Biggun- Pussy cat song
  39. Air Pirates- Drive thru colonics
  40. Four Postmen- Chainsaw juggler
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