Comedy101 Playlist for 9.6.01
I'm having labor day pains
  1. Circus love- Paul Gilmartin
  2. Lovers duet- Sean Morey
  3. Love songs- Richard Jeni (s-up) (What's up with the LOVE theme?)
  4. The Thong song- John Bartles (I just CAN'T picture him in a thong!)
  5. Playing at a biker wedding- Bowser and Blue
  6. Roman numerals- The Frantics
  7. Dinner and a movie- Clinton Jackson (s-up)
  8. Sister Mary Elephant- Cheech and Chong (I just HAD to play it)
  9. Because I got high- Afroman (nice tune)
  10. Still gonna die- Bob Gibson
  11. Petting zoo- Kip Addotta (s-up)
  12. A real man like mom- Howard Letovsky
  13. She took my finger- Williams and Ree (overtones of Tom Lehrer...well done)
  14. A big tan- Kevin Meaney (s-up)
  15. It's only a wee-wee- Peter Alsop
  16. I rewired it- Tim Allen (s-up)
  17. Dancing with a man- Rodney Carrington
  18. Teaching- Dennis Wolfberg (s-up)
  19. I hate people- Gus and the Snowmen (I can relate)
  20. College life- Emo Philips (s-up)
  21. The Chainsaw juggler- The Four Postmen
  22. California kid- The Beat Farmers
  23. Crunchy frog- Monty Python ("Constable Kant ate one of those!")
  24. Waterpark #1- John Pinette (s-up)
  25. How's your whole family- Red Peters
  26. Record offer- The Bloodhound Gang
  27. Good ideas- George Carlin (s-up)
  28. The Universal adjective song- Pinkard and Bowden ("Pass the @#$^%&* gravy!")
  29. Movies- Pablo Francisco (s-up)
  30. The Pussycat song- Ivor Biggun (Where's that NEW CD Ivor?)
  31. My girlfriend's dad- Dana Gould (s-up)

    Summer aint over yet bucko!
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