Comedy101 Playlist for 9.8.05
Goodbye Gilligan
  1. You Didn't Come In- The Smothers Brothers
  2. Goofy Golf Two- Mack and Jamie
  3. Chinese Buffet- John Pinette (s-up)
  4. Play Your Fat- Steve Roses (cool little tune)
  5. She Makes Me Feel Big- The Fools
  6. Married Life- Diane Ford (s-up)
  7. Horrorscopes- The Dead Alewives
  8. Let's Make a Deal- The Conception Corporation
  9. Let's Make a New Dope Deal- Cheech and Chong
  10. Family- Bobby Collins (s-up)
  11. Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals- Gilda Radner
  12. Fred- Rodney Carrington
  13. Shaving- Jake Johannsen (s-up)
  14. Big Balls- AC/DC
  15. Hony Tonk Maniac From Mars- Williams and Ree
  16. Introducing Tobacco to Civilization- Bob Newhart
  17. Something's Wrong With Gilligan's Island- The Radio Free Vestibules (My tribute to "Little Buddy")
  18. How Was I to Know- Barry and the Bookbinders
  19. Girlfriend- Emo Philips (s-up)
  20. Having Fun is Bad For You- The Arrogant Worms
  21. The Bear Song- Lorne Elliott
  22. Cheese Shop- Monty Python
  23. Smoking- Norm McDonald (s-up)
  24. Muffin Man- Frank Zappa
  25. Noah: Right- Bill Cosby (s-up)

    RIP Bob Denver
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