Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 10.18.12
A little taste of Halloween this week!
  1. The Monster's Ball- Dean Farnell
  2. Bob and Ray Visit Doctor Ahkbar at the Castle- Bob and Ray
  3. How to Escape Death- Emo Philips (s-up)
  4. I Want My Baby Back- Jimmy Cross
  5. Dracula Goes to the Dentist- Dave Rudolf
  6. The News- Maz Jobrani (s-up)
  7. Nature Trail to Hell- Weird Al Yankovic
  8. Halloween is Here- Cameron Grant
  9. Bob and Ray in the Round Room- Bob and Ray
  10. Unspirations- Alex Nussbaum (s-up)
  11. Let's Wake up the Neighbors- The Whitest Kids 'U Know
  12. Creep Doll- Jonathan Coulton
  13. Public Transportation- Jimmy Tingle (s-up)
  14. My Old Flame- Spike Jones and His City Slickers
  15. Ed Shepp Exposes Salmelope Cruzak- Ed Shepp
  16. Bob and Ray Meet the Thing- Bob and Ray
  17. Treehouse of Horror- The Simpsons
  18. The Coming and Going Planet- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  19. Bob and Ray in the Lab- Bob and Ray
  20. My Baby in the CIA- The Asylum Street Spankers
  21. Commencement Speech- Daniel Tosh (s-up)
  22. The Viennese Drinking Song- Camille West
  23. The End- Bob and Ray
  24. Wait, Wait, Wait- Christopher Titus (s-up)
  25. A Day at the Dentist- Arch Oboler
  26. Skeleton- Buddy Mondlock
  27. Babies- Paul Nardizzi (s-up)
  28. Blow 'em Away- Chuck Brodsky
  29. White People's Problems- Eli Braden
  30. Love Birds- Natlamp (Christopher Guest)
  31. I've Got the World by the Balls- The Tubedogs
  32. M&Ms and Bugles- Robert Hawkins (s-up)

    Much more next week...(I still need tires!)
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