Still Gonna Die

A Shel Silverstein piece as done by the late, great Bob Gibson.
Bob was actually as famous as you could get in the early 60’s,
as popular a folk singer as Bob Dylan.
And a bit more diverse, he did skiing songs, ballads, old style
folk and even a romantic song or two.
He really shines when he does some of Shel’s tunes.
This is off of the “Makin’ a Mess” Bob Gibson sings Shel Silverstein
recording from 1995.
Yes, no matter what we do we’re still gonna die.
If you play your cards right you’ll go out like a champ, with a
smile on your face and a large unpaid balance on your credit card…

R.I.P. Lex Luthor

Tommy Ryman with a tale of rodent woe.
We all have to die someday, that particular day it
was the rats turn to bite the big one.
And to top it all off, Tommy has exceeded his
cremation budget.
He does have some handy advice on buying
new, and what to look for in good vermin…


Corky & the Juice Pigs with a heartfelt shout
out to grandmothers everywhere who want
to stay young and partake in activities that
their grand-kids embrace.
What better way to stay close to the younger
generation than to ride right along with them.
Or under them, as it were…

Mystic Eight Ball

Larry Weaver with a parody of a late night
television commercial that we’ve all seen before.
I no longer watch TV but if I did I’d still hate the
silliness that occurs after all the normal people
hit the sack, the later it is, the weirder they get.
I’d buy one…