It’s good though!

The late, great Utah Phillips was a great story teller
and all around entertainer with a large following.
This piece is one of my favorites of his, he paints a
nice picture while he spins the yarn…Moose Turd Pie!

But I’m not complaining!

The Cat with Hands

The big H is coming soon.
My favorite time of year, lots of things to do and
plenty of scares to go around for all to enjoy.
Or not :-)
This weeks first theme video is by Robert Morgan and
it’s called, the Cat with Hands…

Much more to come!

Ooooh, shadow puppets!

And so it begins! Halloween is a superb time of year,
but a lot of people miss the best part…the lead up!
I’ll post some great videos, pictures and other ephemera
starting now that spotlights two things that make it so great,
horror and comedy! And, yes, I’ll throw in copious amounts of
Coulrophobia for those of you that suffer from such things…

More to come!

Put him down!

Life can be brutal, but funny as well.
And when I can find something that combines the two, you’re
danged right I’ll post it!
This cartoon, Cyanide and Happiness, is a perfect example
of the above…kind of :-)

More to come!