I couldn’t resist.
This is a scene from the SNL movie spin-off The Coneheads.
The premise is that Beldar Conehead, Dan Aykroyd, is
providing the fireworks display for the local 4th of July
get-together. Disappointment at first, then…

Great scene!

Fireworks in Tennessee

as told by Tim Wilson!
The late, great Mr. Wilson was a dual comedic threat.
He could perform very humorous stand-up and kick out some
mean musical tracks that would get your toes tapping.
Here’s a classic stand-up piece about fireworks and July 4th…

Happy 4th of July!

Boston Harbor 1774

as stated by Stan Freberg!
This is truly an iconic piece of comedy by the late,
GREAT Mr. Freberg, in my mind nothing better illustrates
the beginning of America than this humorous series.
From Stan Freberg Presents The Unites States of America…

More to come!