Uneasy Rider

Charlie Daniels doing a song sympathetic towards hippies.
I love the piece but I always wondered about the obvious
conflict of interest, Charlie’s neck is a very deep auburn.
This is an interesting live version, the audio is pretty good.
A classic…

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

A slice of camp from a very eccentric flick!
Paul Reubens is a comedic adventurer of
gigantic proportions, a very underrated comedian
that never fails to make me smile.
He’s become quite an icon over the years, and he
deserves all the compliments he gets.
I like this scene…

On This Day in History

The late, great June Foray was born back in 1917!
That extremely talented voice over artist was THE
best of them all, voicing so many different
characters that I cannot list them all here.
This is a great slice of what she could do.
From a Stan Freberg recording circa 1953…Stan,
Daws Butler and June at their finest!