Seven Old Ladies Locked in a Lavatory

Oh, this is a find!
Didn’t I just say that not too long ago?
Follow me here…This tune by Oscar Brand is one
of many variations from a mid 1700s ditty called
“What would the matter be?”.
The animation is by Lawrence Badanai, originally
from an editing project for a college class.
The lyrics are old school folk, dated but enjoyable.
I love to play Oscar on the show, a nice talent…

Plastic Jesus

Talk about a song that’s been done by all
sorts of people!
I have seen so many versions of this, done in so
many ways it’s mind boggling.
Paul Newman’s version in the movie Cool Hand Luke
is pretty impressive, has a certain pathos to it.
Billy Idol had a ball with it!
From the serious to the humorous, this song can
evoke all sorts of emotions, depends on who’s
performing it.
This is the King Early Boogie Band…

Catch It and You Keep It!

A classic from National Lampoon’s Radio Dinner album!
An early 70′s slab of hilarity, it also featured another
Comedy 101 Radio favorite, Deteriorata.
Admittedly most of the material is pretty dated but
there are some wonderful cuts on it, like this one…