On This Day in History

Steve Martin was born back in 1945!
There isn’t much Mr. Martin hasn’t mastered in the comedy field.
Stand-up, sketch, and musical, he’s done it all.
And he’s done it very well indeed.
Happy Birthday, Steve, may you have many more!
This is a great scene from a movie that made him quite famous.
I highly recommend The Jerk, some classic moments here.
His physical comedy skills are second to none…

Dragon Face

Dan Cummins with a pointed piece on Tattoos!
Pun intended, and I’m not sure why you’d think otherwise.
He’s a pretty talented stand-up comedian, a bit
on the dark side, but then again…aren’t we all?

Bald is Beautiful

Bowser and Blue with an ode to growing older,
and yet more masculine!
I love these guys, first saw them in Montreal
years ago at the Just for Laughs comedy festival.
They are and have been for some time a Canadian
institution, always good for a laugh, or three.
I’ve lost a few strands myself lately…

Toasted Tomato Sandwich

In this installment of You Suck at Cooking you will
learn how to make one tasty freakin’ sandwich!
I made this recently, it was ambrosia, food of the gods.
I added some cheese and sauteed onions.
Was transfixed.
This site is funny and very, very interesting.
Hits the funny bone and the taste buds.
What more could a semi-sentient biped ask for?
More Toasted Tomato Sandwiches, of course…