Wildwood Weed

This was actually a charting song back in 1974
by the talented Jim Stafford.
Times change but some things stay the same.
The substance in question seems to be more
popular than ever, these two brothers would agree.
They be sittin’ on that sack of seeds… 🙂

Mother Simpson

This is a great little snippet of a Simpson’s episode
where everybody thinks Homer bit the big one.
False alarm, he just faked his death for various
reasons that nobody but he could truly explain.
Turns out he wasn’t a Walt Whitman fan.
And if you think that was an improper use of a
non sequitur you really haven’t watched many episodes.
I love how the power line guy cuts the power!

Adam’s Uber Ride

Adam Ferrara with a neat animation of a funny
piece off of his 2018 Unconditional recording.
His friends call him Krispy.
I play this cut on the show, fits right in.
This recording is at least as good as anything
he’s put out before.
Adam is one of the better stand-up comedians
on the circuit, a very funny man…

Office Supplies Unite

The Amoeba People with a wacky look at what
happens at work when your boss has jury duty.
These guys are real academics, very much into
the sciences, a learned bunch to be sure.
They be geeky but the entertainment is certainly
present and accounted for.
They come out with new material all the time, and
when they do you’ll see it here…


You Suck at Cooking with a really nice way to
create something out of what life has given you!
I’d like to meet him in person.
I have many questions that I would like to ask him.
Where does he get his inspiration?
Why does he never show his face?
Where does he wangjangle all those animals?
Personally I love to take ice cold seltzer and squirt
some fresh lemon juice into it, no sugar needed.
But that’s just me…