Everything Stops for Tea

I’m going with with a strong British theme this week.
If the Old Gal was of sound mind and visage I’m
sure the Queen Mum would support me.
Alas, she just sits on her porcelain throne waving her
Nerf scepter, barking non-sequitors at the servants
while drooling heavily.
She’s older than the Pyramids and twice as dusty, it’s
This is from Professor Elemental, animation by David Perry.
I do so loves me some British humour!
Tea Time, pinkies in the air dammit…

Chiropractic Homer

This is a funny one from our friends the Simpsons!
Homer hurt his back, apparently his front was the
BIG priority, and needs some spinal tweaking.
Even for a cartoon that sounds ominous.
He gets what he deserves (Hee-Hee)…

Need Water

Lachlan Patterson doing a snarky set on
water filters and the people who grow old
watching waiting for them to work!
He’s a decent comic, some material funnier
than others, getting better all the time.
Come back tomorrow, he’ll have your water…

Welcome to the Zoo

The Fat Man (George Sanger) and Team Fat with a
great little ditty about the world we live in!
These folks are well known for being a superb
group of video and PC game music composers.
One of the first PC games I ever picked up was
The 7th Guest, it had a really cool soundtrack
produced by these guys.
They know their way around mood music, that’s for sure.
Cool song…

Mr. Wizard & Timmy

Stevens and Grdnic with a classic comedy sketch
from the album “Retail Comedy @ Wholesale Prices”!
Man and wife radio DJ duo, Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic
produced a couple of very worthy albums back in the early 80′s.
Many great classic comedy pieces for the radio have come
from these talented folks, I am very happy to give them air time.
We will if we’re not careful, Timmy…