I don’t know what girth means

For many years Brian Regan was my FAVORITE stand-up
comedian on the circuit, I still hold him in very high
regard and with good reason, he is a very funny man.
He has created some real solid classic pieces over
the years and he’s still going strong, I hope to see
him live again in the near future.
Here he is talking about moving, and boxes…

More to come!

Are you answering back, Boy?!

I have received two requests for Rowan Atkinson this week.
On Thursday night’s show I will certainly play something
that spotlights his immense talents, and I’ll post a
couple of things here as well.
This is a twisted little piece, a bit on the dark side but
I likes me some dark comedy and this is a nice little bit
o’ fun. it’s called the Nasty Headmaster and it stars Rowan
and Griffith Rhys Jones, two of the four members of the
superb Not the 9:00 News…


He hit a lake

Always on the top of the A-list, Kathleen Madigan is
showing no signs of losing her position as the best
female comedian on the circuit.
There is a good argument for her being the best comedian
period but I’ll refrain from causing controversy on this one.
She always makes me laugh, and that’s saying something.
Here she is talking about Drinking and other things…

Very funny!

Shaun Goes Potty

That should get everyone’s attention!
I am a HUGE fan of Nick Park/Aardman Animations and the
Shaun the Sheep series.
With no dialogue whatsoever the show says more in ten minutes
than the others do in 60.
Clever, intelligent and funny as all get out I dare you to
watch an episode without grinning from ear to ear.
Here’s a favorite of mine…

Lots more to come!

This is Ponderous man

I like this, a decent fan tribute video to the superb musical
duo 2NU, AKA Michael Nealey and Jock Blaney.
One of the many things that I love about 2NU is the sound
quality, top notch in every way, not to mention imaginative.
A nice fan piece here…

More to come.

I’m a Happy Boy

This is my tribute to the late great Country Dick Montana.
Dick was the a singer and drummer for the alt-country
rock band The Beat Farmers.
Rumor has it that Dick died while singing and drumming in
the middle of a song. Think about it, he died doing something
that he was good at and really loved.
That’s how I want to go, doing some thing that I am good at
and really love.
Though, I don’t think it would be very honorable to pass away
while scratching my backside but one must stick with a dream
to see it through.
The video could be better but so could life itself…

A neat little ditty!

You want to go camping?

Jim Gaffigan is a humorous stand-up comedian that has a
unique perspective on things, fortunately for us he carries
that into his act quite well.
Laid back and focused he spotlights the absurdities in life.
Here he is talking about camping…by request!

More to come…

Ironic Punishment Division

Now that Hulu is putting out some Simpsons that are not
diminished in any way, quality wise, it is a pleasure to
post as many as I can get my hands on.
This is a clever little piece with Ned Flanders as Satan
(talk about irony) trying to tempt Homer into selling his
soul for a mere donut. Homer puts up quite a fight of course
(not) but doesn’t quite make it…hilarity ensues!

I love this stuff!

Because we hate you!

John Mulaney is a funny stand-up comedian.
Man, I REALLY have to work on my artist descriptions.
OF COURSE he’s a funny stand-up comedian, if he wasn’t
he’d be a funny car mechanic!
Poor description of the sweet meat aside John is a talented
and much loved entertainer.
Laid back and at ease he looks like he feels quite at home
on stage, and that is a good thing…for us.
Here he is talking about having a girlfriend.
(the video starts off a little out of synch but it corrects)

More to come.