YSaC: 62 Quick Food Tricks

You Suck at Cooking with some kitchen tips for those
that certainly need them.
I am not a total idiot around a stove but I could always
use some advice on improving my game.
To be honest this is more tricks than tips but you
probably knew that going in.
There’s a touching moment where he says “goodbye”
to his aunt that left me with a warm and fuzzy…

What’s Eating You?

A wonderfully dark and twisted scene from a classic
BBC Television series based on the Douglas Adams book.
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was created in the
mid 1970’s and made into a six part television series in
the early 1980’s.
The book itself is a masterpiece, and all the various
offerings are highly entertaining, whether they be the
radio productions, this six part run, or the movie.
Personally I prefer this creation by the BBC, it covers
a lot of ground and is very well done.
The universe is about to explode, everyone who is
ANYONE has time traveled to just before this moment
into a restaurant where the main course is an animal
that was bred to allow, and encourage, the diners to eat it.
It’s got all that and more…