Bobby Bare with a Shel Silverstein classic.
He takes the Paul Bunyan tale a bit further than usual.
Definitely an interesting piece, especially the way
Bobby sings it…

Tibet Training

A humorous look at martial arts training by
way of Rowan Atkinson and Johnny English.
This flick came out in 2011 to decent reviews.
It’s a good watch, pretty much anything with
Rowan Atkinson in it is a keeper.
The visuals are…intriguing.

The Birds and the Bees

An oldie but a goodie from Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.
There were two television shows from the 60’s/70’s that
had the younger, cooler, more intellectual crowd as
primary viewers…The Smother’s Brothers and the show
the two above mentioned men created, Rowan and Martin’s
This is only slightly dated, barely perceptible, but don’t let
that bother you, it’s a classic back and forth from two masters.
It’s Spring, the birds and the bees are doing it right now!
He had to move to Pittsburgh…