Here’s an FYI…

You’re all gonna die screaming!
Jonathan Coulton is a talented singer/song writer that has a
dark comedic streak to him…insert raucous “BooYaa!” here!
That is a very good thing for us, and ALL lovers of comedy.
Here’s a nice little animation of his most famous piece…

More to come!

My impending stroke!

Kathleen Madigan is one of the VERY best stand-up comedians
to ever grace a stage, top five all time, in my opinion.
She has never failed to make me laugh, she is that good!
Here she is talking about working out and going to gyms!


An uplifting song!

This wonderful Fan Tribute is a great slice of what the
immensely talented Camille West can do with a guitar.
She wrote this piece back in the 90s when she was part
of The Four Bitchin’ Babes.
I play it on the show and it is a superb little ditty.
Viagra in the Waters…!

More to come!

Free Snow Cone

After the game!
There are some decent videos out there of Brian Regan
that I could have posted but I wanted to play this classic
track so I went with this fan tribute, and I’m glad I did.
Little League Baseball…

Have a great weekend!