The Night Santa Went Crazy

Weird Al Yankovic with a holiday classic!
In the sense that St. Nick is a homicidal
maniac with a HUGE bone to pick “classic”.
I always thought the fat guy would snap one day.
Overworked (over a billion houses in ONE day!),
underpaid (He shares a dwelling with an old woman,
thousands of midgets and numerous wild animals!)
and hopelessly behind the times (No Smart Phone, App,
or GPS!)…that’s a recipe for years of therapy, at
the least, or decades of hard time and solitary
confinement, at the most.
And his sleigh doesn’t have heat!
Rumor has it this was brought on by an
all night bean feeding frenzy by the reindeer,
the day before…

If We Only Had a Wheelbarrow

Parts of this scene made me laugh out loud!
Talk about an eclectic trio.
Cary Elwes, Andre the Giant and Mandy Patinkin
are trying to grab the princess (Robin Wright)
back from her kidnappers but first have to figure out
how to overcome their differences and impairments.
I just love the dialogue, a superb movie all in all.
It’s inconceivable that you have never seen this before…

Drinking in the Shower

Kyle Kinane is an awesome stand-up comedian!
I’ve been playing him for a while now and I think
he’s one of the best on the circuit.
Some of his material is so intricate you wonder
how he thinks of it.
In some cases it’s a case of simple yet effective.
He knows what he has and how to make people laugh.
You can’t ask for more from a comic.
One little off color naughty bit at the very end.
He may have a drinking problem…

Just Like a Chap

There’s probably something wrong with me.
Well actually, there IS something wrong with me.
Whether or not it affects my ability to properly
discern what is good and what is not remains to
be seen.
My point is…I like Chap-Hop.
It spotlights most of what is cool about being British.
The dress, the demeanor, the LOGIC…gotta love it!
Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer is one of the more
talented members of the C-Hop clique.
This piece brings it all to the front.
I’ve always wanted to be dapper but I am hopelessly
inadequate in the pocket square department…