100 Things every man needs to know

There are actually much more than that, but we’ll stick
with these few…for now…we are men after all.
Now, let’s not get that list confused with 100 Things
That Every Man WANTS to know.
That would be very different, and then some.
As I said, we’ll stick with these for now.
The late, great Tim Wilson sings a good one…

Have a great week!

I’m lazy

Not bragging, just a fact.
Jim Gaffigan is too and he makes a ton of money talking
about it on stage…lazy CAN be good it seems.
This is a great piece of stand-up, insights galore!

Can someone pass me the remote control?

The Ballad of Palindrome

This is a superb piece of sketch humor by a group that does
not usually do that, a country and western band that goes
by the name of Riders in the Sky.
They have produced a bunch of decent recordings over the
years, most of which deal with western/cowboy themes.
Every now and then they do a humorous ditty or two and this is
probably the cream of the crop…The Ballad of Palindrome!

Great stuff!