On This Day in History

Rodney Carrington was born back in 1968!
This video is a @#$”%^& hoot!
It has my very first Comedy 101 Radio interview,
Carrot Top, as a special guest.
And they picked that word for a reason, he is special
and then some, I think he’s found his calling.
And who can hate that endearing exaggerated southern
drawl singing voice that borders on self parody that
Rodney is famous for?!
That almost sounded sarcastic, it was not.
He really has a great voice, I think he would have
made it by just doing country music for a living but
he found a great business plan by combining his musical
skills with a sick sense of humor.
He can get really profane, that cuts down on what I can
play on the air but I have found a few pieces that work well.
Like this one!
Happy Birthday, Rodney!