Star Wars Jitters

Are you wondering if the new Star Wars will live up to
your expectations?
Did you know that Han Solo and Chewie are engaged to
be married and that Princess Leia is the Best Man…
after the operation of course?
Are you aware that George Lucas has a cameo as a
mentally challenged film director with an overly inflated
ego and a hankering for full bodied Ewok massages?
Can you say Furry?
Well wonder no longer!
Check this out…

Star Wars “Mrs. Lucas needs a new Pool!” Episode “Who Cares?!”

Your childhood was…vast!

A good one from the Wil Wheaton Project.
This guy is as cool as deep space, cue the bad
Wesley Crusher reference, and twice as funny.
That made no sense whatsoever, but when has THAT ever
stopped me from anything?
Seriously, Wil has a lot going on and he has a twisted
sense of humor that I will spotlight from time to time.
This is…Everything Else From YOUR childhood: The Movie!

More soon!

The Salt and Pepper Diner

John Mulaney is a breath of fresh air in the world of
stand-up comedy, he’s young, clever and very funny!
This is what I consider to be a classic piece of his.
I’ve played it on the show and the listeners love it…
The Salt and Pepper Diner!

Great stuff!