Spelling Bee hard

Ahem…sorry couldn’t resist.
Mc Mr Napkins, aka Zach Sherwin, is a talented player of words.
I don’t want to call him a rapper because that seems limiting.
He is far better than that, his sense of humor is superb.
Here he is, despondent over losing a Spelling Bee…

Irrevoc…something something

My dreams are damp

Boy, there’s a joke there, but this is a family show.
Kip Addotta is a talented man with a fine sense of humor.
Most folks know him for a couple of humorous songs but he
is also a fine stand-up comedian and story teller.
I had the opportunity to interview him back in the 90′s and
it was a good one, lots to talk about and did we ever!
Here he is doing one of the pieces that he is infamous for
…Wet Dream!

And keep my private life out of it, okay?

It’s good though!

The late, great Utah Phillips was a great story teller
and all around entertainer with a large following.
This piece is one of my favorites of his, he paints a
nice picture while he spins the yarn…Moose Turd Pie!

But I’m not complaining!