I Lobster But Never Flounder

I can sense my father smiling in his grave
upon typing that line!
Pinkard and Bowden were a hot duo on the
country comedy circuit for a while not that
long ago, parodies and original satire are
their claim to fame.
They found their limelight in the 80′s and 90′s
with some solid song writing for other, more
famous country and western, acts as well as
recording and performing a few of their own tunes.
They were somewhat of an anomaly in that their
performances were sometimes profane and adult in
nature, but still held their own with widespread
fan support.
Richard Bowden was in a band with Don Henley in
the early 70′s and left due to creative differences.
Richard wanted to keep the band “Country” oriented
whereas Don wanted more of a crossover sound to it.
I think you can see where this is going.
This ditty is filled with Dad jokes, and I do mean

Rally the Bounty Hunters

A funny little parody of the mess known as Star Wars!
As you can probably guess I’m not a huge fan of the series.
I saw the very first one in a small exclusive showing at midnight
waaaaaay back when and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The first movie was innovative and very interesting, nothing
quite like it up until that point in time.
After that it seemed like the only reason the sequels came out
was because Mr and Mrs Lucas needed a new yacht.
Don’t get me wrong, it is one of the most quoted flicks of
all time, lots to like but when you start sticking Muppets into
your movies you’d better have some superb acting.
Watching Harrison Ford ham it up in the first three offerings
was almost painful, not to mention Mark Hamill trying to
pretend he was a youthful warrior of incredible something something.
Now the back stories are a hoot and a half…check out Darth Vader
some time, he was played by David Prowse, a professional body
builder and actor of decent talent that also starred in Stanley
Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange.
Or Sir Alec Guinness, the man who played Obi Won, an actor of the
highest repute.
It’s all good, no regrets, fun to watch and embrace.
Especially the satire…


Cy Amundson is one of the newer stand-up comedians
on the circuit that I am completely infatuated with.
His style of humor can best be described as story
telling with a punchline!
He is very unique, and quite humorous.
I’ve held back a bit with certain comics, Cy being
one of them, due to profanity but I’ve made a recent
decision to allow some to flow if it doesn’t detract
from the humor and if it is integral to the joke as
a whole…this piece is a good example of that.
We are all adults, our world isn’t antiseptic, nor
should it be.
Enjoy a new breed of comedian, I’d love to see him live…

Cosmology, Your Futon and You

The Amoeba People with a neat little tune about
all those tiny twinkles in the sky, your sleeping
arrangements and the person you are most likely to
see in that window just above your bathroom sink!
I like these guys, teachers by trade, with all the
cerebral inquisitiveness that you’d expect.
Smart, funny, and thought provoking…

Gut-Wrench Gert

The late, great Robbie Benoit was a heck of a story teller!
I love to play him on the show, he was a gifted man and
could spin a yarn with the best of them.
This is one of my favorites from him, it sounds like he
knows what he speaks.
Have to keep folks like this alive…