You have to put down a base coat

Good old Mad TV, it ran from 1995 to 2009 and was very
influential for being a venue for a lot of great comedy
troupes, Corky and the Juicepigs comes to mind.
They weren’t afraid of trying new things and some of the
pieces were superb.
This is a cool little piece about Tagging (kinda)…

More to come!

One More Piece at a Time!

This is awesome!
Johnny Cash doing the aforementioned post live
with some humorous video to add to it.
I normally would not post two of the same song but this
is a video that I did not see until recently and it’s
really well done, with Johnny Cash doing the gig and
the narration…

That was sweet!

One Piece at a Time!

I will usually go with an original piece, done by the
artist in concert or at the studio, but this was a
labor of love produced by a real fan of Johnny Cash.
Mr. Cash was a real talent, hard to classify, and that
can be a good thing, he was a real performer with a knack
for entertaining folks.
He actually came out with several recordings that I
consider to be comedic in nature, like this one.
One Piece at a Time…

More to come!

Dana’s racist father

Dana Gould is a very funny stand-up comedian with some
genuinely classic material that kills on the show.
One of my favorite pieces of all time is his piece
about spending the holiday with his girlfriend’s family.
This is pretty good too, he talks about his father and his
approach to “others”…

Great line at the end!

You can call me Toby

I posted a version of this sketch a while back that was
slightly different, a little shorter with an ending that
was not what you see here.
A very funny piece, imaginative and highly entertaining.
Rowan Atkinson stars in Hells waiting room…

More to come!