I have always liked Margaret Smith, at her peak she was one of
the funniest stand-up comedians on the circuit.
I haven’t heard much about her lately but her comedy
certainly lives on.
This is off of her As it Should Be recording…

The Ballad of Palindrome

This is a very creative piece by a country western music band
of fine reputation, they go back quite a ways.
An interesting group, every now and then they put out a track
that is pretty darned funny, a comedy inclusion to be sure.
I live for material like that, the serious artists can really
produce the fun stuff when the desire hits.
I play this on the show…

What’s That Clickin’ Noise?

Henry Cho is an Asian American Stand-up comedian that was raised
in the south, he sounds like a redneck but looks like he lives
in the far east, when you see him perform it throws you off a bit.
He has been around long enough to have material that I
consider to be classic and worthy of airplay.
This is one such piece…