Andrew Sleighter with a humorous piece on keeping
in shape and lying about it!
I used to work at a fitness club, most people are
not very honest about their workouts.
We do so love to kid ourselves…

The Puzzle

This is very funny comedy sketch by Rhett and Link!
They truly are a great comedy duo, one of the best ever.
It amazes me how diverse they are at times, they do musical
as well as skit comedy on the same excellent level.
I love this piece…

On This Day in History

The late, great Spike Jones was born back in 1911!
So many things can be said about the man who
broke open the world of comedy way back when.
He was a bandleader, musician, sounds effects wizard
and a top notch comedian, all in one superb package!
I wish he was still around.
Here’s a great theatrical short he did in 1945…