Fly a Kite

Shaun the Sheep with a lesson on how to properly
fly a kite without getting butthurt.
He’s a wily little bundle of wool, he can outsmart
just about anyone or anything out there.
He just needs a bit of time, that’s all…

Weird Traditions

Costaki Economopoulos with a humorous look at traveling.
Costaki is a great stand-up comedian, clever and focused
with nice observational skills.
I’ve seen him live and I highly recommend him.
He is somewhat of a cake expert.
Some good lines here…

My Dead Dog Rover

Hank, Stu Dave and Hank with a classic Summer tune!
This little ditty will get stuck in the cranium for a while.
Tomorrow you’ll be out raking the lawn and the urge
to sing this wonderfully dark ode to crippled canines
everywhere at the top of your lungs will be overwhelming.
Don’t fight it, the universe says it’s okay, and it is…

3 Bangin’ Coleslaws

You Suck at Cooking with a very open minded look at a
Summer dish that most folk take for granted.
I actually do like coleslaw, if it’s done correctly.
His statement that there is a lot of bad slaw out there
is dead on accurate, unfortunately.
The supermarkets tend to make it soupy with far too
much mayo/miracle whip/nasty white goop in it.
Dry is good, but not too much.
I judge it by thrusting my face into a large bowl of it.
If upon pulling my head out I notice that it does not
stick to my cheeks, hair, nose and forehead, I can
only assume that it was not created properly.
My standards are high, this cannot be changed.
Emo Philips would be proud…