The Airport Bar

Kathleen Madigan will always be one of my favorite stand-up
comedians of all time, she has it all…great material, a
stage presence second to none and an insight that is as
close to perfection as you can get.
That all adds up to a really great time…

A Real Good Time

A Real Good Time

as warbled by Jim Stafford!
This is a great little ditty about the dangers of reading
and acting upon the writings that exist on bathroom walls.
Jim is still around and performing at clubs all over the
country and currently resides in Branson, Missouri…

Disturbing Mail

The Kids in the hall were a phenomenon a while back, and
deservedly so. They were a very good comedy troupe,
though they did have a tendency to stretch a sketch a
little more than I would have but they are the professionals
and I am just a comedy show host…what do I know?!
This is a parody, of sorts, on chain letters and Spam as we
know it now…oh yeah, and butt kissing. Heavy on the BK…

Compulsive Liars

Dan Cummins at his best!
I may have played a variation of this a while back,
it has since come out in a much better quality video.
This is just what I am looking for in a great stand-up
comedian…smarts, stage presence and material that is
imaginative and bold.
This is a nice slice of what this man can do, very funny…

Slept on His Arms

He Slept on His Arms

Last Night…
This is a classic example of what The Vacant Lot was capable of.
I find this song/comedy sketch to be absolutely hilarious,
just the sight of that poor guy trying to get up off the floor
made me laugh out loud, superb stuff…

Blinded By the Light

as performed by The Vacant Lot!
There have been many rock songs made over the years that
people fudge the lyrics on, too many to count actually.
This is a great comedy sketch that touches on that phenomenon.
The Vacant Lot were a funny comedy sketch group that had
their own TV show on CBC Televison Canada back in the 90s…