R.I.P Bob Elliott

The end of an era!
Bob Elliott, one of the two principal members of the Bob and Ray
comedy duo, passed away this week at the age of 92.
This is a classic sketch from them, I play it on the show
to rave reviews. Bob plays Harlow P Whitcomb…

Wildwood Weed

This is a counter culture classic that Jim Stafford did
back in the 70s, made it a top forty hit too!
Written by Don Bowman in 1962, this song never really saw
broadcast time due to the (ahem) nature of the lyrics, but
eventually logic reigned and it saw the light of day…

Ti Kwan Leep

AKA Boot to the Head, as brilliantly done by The Frantics!
This is a classic and then some, one of the more interesting
comedy sketches to ever grace a stage, or an airwave, that I
love top play on the show.
I’ll just lay down here for a minute…