The Battle of Kookamonga

Homer and Jethro, Henry Haynes and Kenneth Burns, were a
very popular duo from the 40s through the 60’s that specialized
in satirizing the popular songs of the day.
Often to much hilarity.
This is a classic Summer tune that I enjoy playing on the show.
Nice imagery and the performance isn’t too shabby either..

No, Clark

I love this one, most of the Android Poultry material
is pretty good, but some transcend the usual mirth
to take it up a notch.
This is one such piece.
I’ve never completely understood the whole Secret
Identity nonsense that permeates most superhero
applications, this piece snarks that mightily.
If I was a borderline godlike figure EVERYONE would
know it, especially that bastard that picked on me in
eight grade…

One Liners

I just started playing Stewart Francis this year even
though he’s been around for a while, a little late to
the party is my claim to fame.
I had reviewed a few of his bits a while back and
found him to be a bit on the corny side, so I abstained.
After encountering a few things recently of his that I
did like I downloaded some newer material.
He hails from Canada, currently living in Britain, and
tours everywhere he can find a gig.
He’s considered very adept at one-liners, he certainly
mines them for all they are worth.
Some stuff better than others but all good…

Bart Can Stop Time

I’m not sure the world is ready to have Bart in God mode.
I, on the other hand, would love to have the ability to
make time freeze, and would use it very wisely.
Until someone angered me.
Then things would get very interesting indeed.
I’d better stop right there…