The Crocodile Song

Bill Frenzer of Ogdel Edsl fame with a cool little tune
about a beloved pet and terrible plumbing.
It’s kind of heart warming actually.
Especially if you have no life of your own and you
live in your mom’s basement…

Moving Photographs

A splendid little snippet of a long favorite BBC
Television show of mine.
Red Dwarf is a comedy series set in the future
about a group of intergalactic miners who
suffer a catastrophic radiation mishap while
traversing the galaxy.
With the usual British cerebral approach to
comedy they really squeeze a ton of humor
from a sparse set and above average acting.
Really imaginative, interesting, and very
humorous is how I’d describe it if pushed.
From the 1989 episode titled “Timeslides”…

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Many people have covered this Dick Feller classic over
the years, and I’ve posted a lot of them.
This version by Tom Rush gives it a certain flavor.
Almost a Nudge-Nudge Wink-Wink kind of feel to it.
Sometimes covers can be a good thing, giving spice
can add a nice touch.
I probably shouldn’t post when I’m hungry.
There’s optimism and there’s this…

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

You Suck at Cooking with a short and very sweet look at
everyone’ favorite breakfast fare.
In this variation at least.
I personally have a love/hate relationship with eggs.
The taste, when cooked well, is wonderful.
And I have learned to prepare them quite nicely.
To me, eggs are light and fluffy and to load my belly
with enough to fill me up requires an unhealthy count
of at least six to eight units.
More like ten to be perfectly honest with you, but I don’t
want you to think I’m a pig.
I am assuming that pigs like eggs.
I usually throw all twelve in because…what the hell are you
going to do with just two lonely eggs tomorrow?!
The hate part of the equation comes later, after I’ve consumed
a dozen of the cursed things I usually find myself rolling around
on the carpet cradling my bloated belly with my numbed,
cholesterol laden fingers…howling like a dog.
This really annoys my cat.
He gets cheesy here, take notes…