Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball

A Shel Silverstein tune about finding what works for you.
Hanging with the right people is key if you want to be
successful in life.
That brings to mind an old favorite of mine.
Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company!
Not really sure how that applies here but it’s a great
phrase to live by.
Gotta love the lyrics…

150% Creepy Clowns

Dan Cummins is a very funny stand-up comedian
that likes to look at the dark side of life.
There certainly is a lot of humor to be mined on
the less sunny side of the street.
This guy could be the national spokesperson for
Prozac, the BEFORE picture!
Some mild profanity, might peel some paint off
the barn door, the chickens may stop laying eggs,
The rains will come heavy, kiss the crops in the
back forty goodbye, The old gal runs away with
the guy who repairs the tractor.
He does not like clowns, can’t say that I blame him.
I wonder how he feels about mimes…

The Meaning of Life

I smile deeply when I think of the cultural and comedic
impact that Monty Python has had on the world.
That being said, this piece penned and warbled by Eric Idle
is one my favorites by them.
And John Cleese seems to share that sentiment.
Classic material like no other…