Word Crimes

Personally I think Weird Al gets a bit obnoxious on this one.
You know the old saying, the best form of birth control is
correcting ones grammar.
Not to be confused with correcting ones Grandma.
You still won’t get lucky, but that’s for an entirely
different set of reasons.
Still, one does indeed learn a few things here…

I’m the Urban Spaceman

I’m feeling a bit British today, could be the Thanksgiving
guilt creeping in…an overeating and separation anxiety hybrid
fight for independence thing could be going on here, not sure.
Freud would love me.
Neil Innes sings this Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band classic with a
laid back and focused approach, in stark contrast to the
backing provided by the Bonzo’s themselves.
I would have loved to have seen them live at their peak, they
were way ahead of their time, probably quite capable of
fitting in today without a problem.
There are some that consider Neil to be the extra Monty Python.
He certainly added to their performances on more than one
occasion on both audio recordings and film roles.
He was at the famous Hollywood Bowl gig in the early 80’s,
he appeared in both The life of Brian and Search for the Holy
Grail and had written songs for both flicks.
Numerous Python gigs where he was a guest and the parody band
The Rutles along side Eric Idle made him a very well known star.
An interesting and talented human being that deserves to be heard.
The late, great Neil Innes…

Biggus Dickus

One of the funniest bits that Monty Python has ever done.
And boy is THAT saying a LOT!
I love the subtlety of it all.
The faux way that Graham Chapman (Brian) gets flung to
the floor gets me every time.
The guards trying to keep a straight face is also a huge
draw, rumor has it they were told to keep stoic no
matter what happened during the scene.
Good luck with that!
The speech impediment affecting Michael Palin is genius.
It’s a superb scene from one of the funniest movies ever made.
The Life of Brian is on MY Top Ten list of best comedy flicks.
A truly great effort…