This FEWDIO produced terror flick is as scary as it gets.
It came down to this and one other for top pick.
If you are a normal, living, breathing sentient being this
is frightening. If you are a parent, it is…Horrifying!

The top of the terror heap…tomorrow!


By popular consensus this is the third best scariest flick
on the docket, a great little mood piece that scares me
every time I watch it.
DAYWALT HORROR presents…Bedfellows!

The last two are absolutely superb.
Thursday and Friday are NOT to be missed!

Jack, is that you…?

Even closer to the Big Day…Halloween is almost here.
This is a frightening little video from the folks at
The rules…make a good horror movie that lasts for 30 seconds.
Did they ever!

More to come.
I’ve got some SUPERB ones lined up for you!