Comedy101 Playlist for 11.8.01
The local police station was broken into and all the bathroom fixtures were stolen...
  1. A real good time- Jim Stafford
  2. A nugget of joy from Zorak: Taking candy from a baby- Space Ghost (funny stuff)
  3. Love songs- Richard Jeni (s-up)
  4. A masochist guide to home remedies- Brooks and Fraser
  5. It's great to be unemployed- The Ziggens
  6. TV scan- PH Fred
  7. Estrogen knob- Maryellen Hooper (s-up)
  8. Ballad of Jed Clampett- Scott Goddard
  9. Love talk radio:teenage sex- Travesty Limited
  10. Something's wrong with Gillgan's Island- Radio Free Vestibule
  11. The lucky sperm club- The Toyes
  12. I'm too fat- Vic Scionti
  13. Coming and going planet- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up) (classic)
  14. Dead air- Synaptic Anarchy Playhouse (I REALLY wish they'd put out more material)
  15. Love talk radio:carphone call- Travesty Limited
  16. Mack Tuck- Free Beer
  17. Busstop- Landry and Beiner
  18. Pinnacles of pleasure- Jeff Altman (s-up)
  19. Squirrels- The Beastly Boys
  20. Love talk radio:Homecoming- Travesty Limited
  21. My mom and St. Obnoxious- Judy Tenuta (s-up)
  22. Surgeon school- The Village Idiots
  23. Sorry- Chunky A
  24. Love Talk Radio:Twelve year coma- Travesty Limited
  25. Safety first- Rude Girls
  26. Turdy point buck- Bananas At Large
  27. Heaving on a jet plane- Barron Knights
  28. Cotton- Bob Zany (s-up)
  29. The goalie is drunk- The Zambonis (These guys are hockey nuts)
  30. Love Talk Radio:Crabby wife- Travesty Limited
  31. Speed- Not Ready for Prime Time Players
  32. Don't fart in my car- Dick Price
  33. It's a PMS kind of day- Cali Rose
  34. Hospital bed- Not the Nine O'Clock News
  35. Remote- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  36. Love Talk Radio:Out with the boys- Travesty Limited
  37. Renovating- Lorne Elliot (s-up)
  38. Behind the scenes at Microsoft- Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie (Love that name)
  39. Horns and windshields- Brian Regan (s-up)
  40. Jimmy- Cheech and Chong
  41. Love Talk Radio:Toenail biting- Travesty Limited
  42. I hate people- Gus and the Snowman
  43. Love Talk Radio:Complicated man- Travesty Limited
  44. Boxing- Dana Gould (s-up)

    A spokesman was quoted as saying they have nothing to go on
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