Comedy101 Playlist for 1.17.02
Walkin' in my winter underwear...
  1. Panic- The Goodies
  2. It'll getcha- Goober and the Peas (I love that name)
  3. Southern words- Jeff Foxworthy (s-up)
  4. I'm sorry- Chunky A (Go down the Arsenio Hall...third door on the left)
  5. Morons on mopeds- Rich the Happy Cow
  6. Search chopper- Paul Gilmartin (s-up)
  7. The motorcycle song- Arlo Guthrie
  8. Let's talk dirty in Hawaiin- John Prine
  9. Noses run in my family- Martin Mull
  10. Armpit farts- Ziltch Fletcher (His mother must have really hated him)
  11. Stop or slow down?- Tom Dreesen (s-up)
  12. Hello my baby- Ivor Biggun
  13. Flotation seats- James Gregory (s-up)
  14. Cinderella- Jack Ross (Rindercella?)
  15. Hello and goodbye- George Carlin (s-up)
  16. Fraternity life- Owen Egerton
  17. Hit in the head with a brick- Henry Phillips (Ouch)
  18. Momisms- Craig Shoemaker (s-up) (He is a damned nice guy also)
  19. Crawfish with a vengeance- Ed Savage
  20. Karaoke- Vince Venezuela (s-up)
  21. Same old sorry blues- Rob Moitoza
  22. Wrong librarian- The Perch
  23. Dumb cops- Jimmy Dore (s-up)
  24. The bees and birds- Yogi Yorgesson
  25. Humming the classics- Brooks and Fraser
  26. Squirrels- The Beastly Boys
  27. Let's trade butts- Peter Alsop
  28. I'm it- Andy Breckman
  29. Cleanliness- Gallagher (s-up) (THE Gallagher, I believe...although it's hard to tell, could be his brother)
  30. Life sucks, then you die- The Fools
  31. Men's cooking show- Richard Jeni (s-up)
  32. Horrorscopes- The Dead Alewives
  33. The Gorilla sketch- Not the Nine O'clock News
  34. Stinky breath- Doc Bad Breath
  35. The Cellar- Emo Philips (s-up)
  36. Surgeon school- The Village Idiots
  37. The Smoke off- Shel Silverstein
  38. Football- Bill Cosby (s-up)

    And I must say I look splendid, but what's this litle flap in the back for?
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