Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 11.8.12
This week we have Gnus, Elk, Gators and Chickens
  1. Open That Can- Nancy White
  2. Mutant Cows- The Dyzmals
  3. Gnus- The Smothers Brothers
  4. The Rise And Fall Of The SupaSucka 9000000?- Flying Like Wilma
  5. I Live in a Split Level Head- Napolean XIV
  6. Flying- Kathleen Madigan (s-up)
  7. Reign of Error- Sudden Death
  8. Nothing Goes Right Blues- Shane Douglas
  9. The Anti-Dad- Christopher Titus (s-up)
  10. An Elk Sketch- Monty Python
  11. Randolph Got a Haircut- Kenny Young and the Eggplants
  12. Dinner and a Movie- Clinton Jackson (s-up)
  13. The Ballad of Devil Weed- Jim Terr
  14. Drive-in Welcome- Ogden Edsl
  15. Middle East Expert- Maz Jobrani (s-up)
  16. Jellyfish- The Simpsons
  17. Nocturnal Stumblebutt- Loudon Wainwright III
  18. Jurassic Smoker- David Crowe (s-up)
  19. Humming the Classics- Brooks and Fraser
  20. Dragon- The Four Postmen
  21. What'd I Say?- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  22. How Wuz i 2 Know?- Barry and the Bookbinders
  23. Bras on 45- Ivor Biggun
  24. Ladies Talking- Alonzo Bodden (s-up)
  25. Dr. Schills Ear Spray- Travesty Ltd.
  26. Rippy the Gator- The Arrogant Worms
  27. Life on the Road- Josh Sneed (s-up)
  28. The Chicken Drop- Mojo Nixon
  29. TV Scan- PH Fred
  30. Shaving and Adult Diapers- Jake Johannsen (s-up)
  31. The Winner- Bobby Bare
  32. Rewired It- Tim Allen (s-up)

    What other comedy show has this?! Hunh?!
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