Comedy101 Playlist for 11.9.00
"Vote for me, I suck less than he does"
  1. Little red tricycle- Napolean the 14th
  2. Dungeons and dragons- Dead Alewives
  3. I get to see you naked- Royal Canadian Airfarce
  4. Buttsteak- Jeff Altman (s-up)
  5. Election special- Monty Python
  6. Strange but false- Travesty Limited
  7. Sorry- Chunky A
  8. Turdy point buck- Bananas at Large
  9. 3 Stooges- Chance Langton (s-up)
  10. I like 'em big and stupid- Julie Brown
  11. As fat as I am- Bette Midler (s-up and song)
  12. You people are fat- The Frantics
  13. The Great strip poker massacre- Mike Cross
  14. 2 Hot 4 U- Barry and the Bookbinders
  15. Phone calls- Albert Brooks
  16. Sex in Moreland, Georgia- Lewis Grizzard (s-up)
  17. Yuppie rap- Kip Addotta
  18. Beer hunter- Bob and Doug McKenzie
  19. Beerbelly blues- Tim Wilson
  20. Breakfast in Heaven- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  21. Turdy point buck part #2- Bananas at large
  22. No smoking- Landry and Beiner
  23. Psycho plumber- Chuck Lucky and his Gentlemen of Leisure
  24. Stain talks- Ducks Breath Mystaery Theater
  25. Corduroy pants- The Perch
  26. The Ugliest man in town- Shel Silverstein
  27. Winnebago- Arrogant Worms
  28. Drinkers- Craig Campbell (s-up)
  29. Walter- Paul Gilmartin
  30. Fast food- Stevens and Grdnic
  31. Spam- Monty Python
  32. Stupid people- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  33. Shriners convention- Ray Stevens
  34. This song will make a great video- The Vacant Lot
  35. I'm drunk- The Fools
  36. ...Introduce myself- Gary Muledeer (s-up)
  37. Steve threw up- Beck
  38. The Wedding- Rowan Atkinson
  39. Sister Kathy and relationships- Margaret Smith (s-up)
  40. Continental steel- Robert Klein
  41. Best friends- National Lampoon
  42. Poppet- The Cowards
  43. Airport security- George Carlin (s-up)
  44. Get naked- Rick Dees
  45. Farkle- Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club
  46. Clapp twins- Judy Tenuta (s-up)
  47. A Pinhead will survive- Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
  48. Mismatch made in hell- John Forster
  49. Big family- Brian Regan (s-up)

    "Spam, Spam, Spam...Bloody Vikings!"
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