Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 12.16.10
Happy Holidays!
  1. Santa Lost a Ho- The Christmas Jug Band
  2. Dashing to the Mall- Arthur Bosworth
  3. Santa is a Psycho- Dan Hart
  4. Credit Crunch Christmas- Lester Wheat and The Leftovers
  5. Randolf the Brown Nosed Reindeer- The Geezinslaws
  6. Mr Grinch- Mojo Nixon and The Toad Liquors
  7. Wanted: Kris Kringle, Deadbeat Dad- Fly Amero
  8. Twelve Redneck Days of Christmas- Dr. Elmo
  9. Green Christmas- Stan Freberg (The VERY best of the best!)
  10. Holiday Fun- Jeff Caldwell (s-up)
  11. Scary Christmas- Erik Frandsen and George Gerdes
  12. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow- Frank Zappa
  13. Jingle Bells- Judge Dread
  14. Leroy the Snowman- Slidawg and The Redneck Ramblers
  15. Christmas Rap- The Crypt Keeper
  16. 12 Days of Snowbird Christmas- Brent Burns
  17. White Trash Christmas- Bob Rivers
  18. Deck the Stalls (with Oats and Barley)- The Cowtown Chorus
  19. Christmas Stress- The Fools
  20. A Christmas/Kwanza/Solstice/Chanukah/Ramadan- Christine Lavin
  21. Repo Man is Coming to Town- Sean Morey
  22. You Ain't Gettin' Diddly Squat- Heywood Banks
  23. Chiron Beta Prime- Jonathan Coulton
  24. Santa Got a DWI- Sherwin Linton
  25. The Night Santa Went Crazy- Weird Al Yankovic
  26. Present Face- Garfunkel and Oates
  27. Christmas Turkey Blues- The Arrogant Worms
  28. It's a Dysfunctional Family Christmas- Todd Yohn
  29. Submarine Santa- Submarine Santa
  30. Christmas in Heaven- Monty Python
  31. A Christmas Carol- Tom Lehrer
  32. Be Claus I Got High- Bob Rivers
  33. Christmas on Acid- The Radio Free Vestibules

    Even more seasonal fare!
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