Comedy101 Playlist for 12.22.05
Another Holiday Show?!
  1. Christmas Is Almost Here- Arrogant Worms
  2. Mr. Grinch- Mo Jo Nixon & the Toadliquors
  3. 'Twas The Fright Before Christmas- Cryptkeeper
  4. A Christmas Carol- Tom Lehrer
  5. Christmas Dragnet Part #1 & Part #2- Stan Freberg
  6. Christmas On Acid- Radio Free Vestibule
  7. Christmas Rap- Cryptkeeper
  8. Christmas Stress- The Fools
  9. Fifty Kilowatt Tree- The Bobs
  10. Christmas Poem- Paul Gilmartin
  11. Deck The Stalls With Oats & Barley- Cowtown Chorus
  12. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow- Zappa
  13. Dwayne Stomp PSA- Travesty Limited
  14. Xmas Dad- Kathleen Madigan
  15. Girlfriends Family- Dana Gould
  16. Green Christmas- Stan Freberg
  17. Henri's Artic Outfitters- Royal Canadian Airfarce
  18. Holy Shit It's Christmas- Red Peters
  19. I Saw Elvis This Christmas- Tom Cool
  20. I Shot Santa In My Underwear- The Fools
  21. I Want A Rinky-Dinky-Do-Dad For Christmas- Da Yoopers
  22. I Want An Alien For Christmas- Fountains of Wayne
  23. A Dysfunctional Family Christmas- Todd Yohn
  24. Jingle Bells- Mo Jo Nixon & The Toadliquors
  25. Lake Dumb SOB- Gary Muledeer
  26. Merry Christmas Doctor- Nichols & May
  27. Mistletoe- Hollytones
  28. Norburt The Nearsighted Reindeer- The Fools
  29. Pooey, Pooey, Pooey, It's Christmas- Cali Rose
  30. Relaxation With Dr. Weiler- Hollytones
  31. Repo Man Is Coming To Town- Sean Morey
  32. Santa Got A DWI- Sherwin Linton
  33. Santa Klutz- Cab City Combo
  34. Sorry- Chunky A
  35. That Reindeer Can Play Guitar- Camille West
  36. The Christmas Party- Yorgi Yorgesson
  37. Evil Santa- Radner & Murray
  38. Frozen Logger- The Weavers
  39. The Night Santa Went Crazy- Weird Al Yankovic
  40. Under Tree World of Jacques Cousteau- Bob Rivers

    Yep...Live With It!!!
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