Comedy101 Playlist for 12.25.03
The last show of the year
  1. You'll shoot your eye out- Al E. Katz
  2. Xmas shopping blues- The Christmas Jug Band
  3. Grandma's killer fruitcake- Dr. Elmo
  4. Twelve Daze of Christmas- Steve Ivins
  5. The hat I got for Christmas is too beeg- Mel Blanc
  6. Yingle bells- Yogi Yorgesson
  7. Christmas in Australia- Joe Dolce
  8. Bad little boy- Ray Stevens
  9. The angel- Bob Rivers
  10. Oh god, I'm Santa Claus- The Arrogant Worms
  11. Christmas in LA- The Bobs
  12. Oh Christmas bills- Da Yoopers
  13. I got a cold for Christmas- The Three Stooges
  14. Christmas Dragnet- Stan Freberg
  15. Donner Christmas party- Lester McFwap
  16. Juggle bills- The Cryptkeeper (Why did they/he not come out with a Halloween recording?!)
  17. Police got my dad- Slant Six and the Jumpstarts
  18. Christmas goose- Stan Boreson
  19. This year's Santa baby- Eartha Kitt
  20. I want an alien for Christmas- Fountains of Wayne
  21. Christmas wrapping- The Waitresses
  22. (Christmas) in the mood- The Henhouse Five, plus Two
  23. Rummy rocker boy- Bob Rivers
  24. The Christmas tree song- Larry Vincent
  25. Twelve days of Christmas- Frank Welker
  26. Santa bird dogged my baby- The Fools
  27. A Travesty Christmas- Travesty Limited

    Happy Holidays to all and a wonderfull New Year!
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