Comedy101 Playlist for 1.23.03
Lots of requests this week
  1. Baby, it's cold outside- Homer and Jethro (A very talented duo)
  2. Ten little bottles- Johnny Bond
  3. Victoria Secret- Maryellen Hooper (s-up)
  4. Three little pigs- Green Jello (Yes, this was when they WERE Jello)
  5. Cosmo- Todd Barry (s-up)
  6. Stinky breath- Doc Badbreath
  7. I'm shy- Ivor Biggun
  8. Prison vision- The Royal Canadian Air Farce
  9. Daddy's money- Ogden Edsl
  10. Lawyers- Richard Jeni (s-up)
  11. Cockroaches on parade- Frank Hayes (They wipe their feet on your lunch meat)
  12. Swedish orgy- The Conception Corporation
  13. Animal rights- Spanky (s-up)
  14. Merry minuet- The Kingston Trio
  15. The Universal Adjective song- Pinkard and Bowden
  16. I hate cats- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  17. Burt and Ernie- Da Yoopers
  18. Special- Stephen Lynch ("...has names for all his toes" )
  19. Hot nuts- Johnny Baltimore
  20. Bungee jumping- Jebb Fink (s-up)
  21. Forward into the past- The Firesign Theatre
  22. Little bits and pieces- Jim Stafford (Talk about a hard to find little ditty!)
  23. Baseball and football- George Carlin (s-up)
  24. What it was was football- Andy Griffith
  25. Superbowl 50- Ducks Breath Mystery Theater
  26. Japanese food- John Pinette (s-up)
  27. Drop kick me Jesus- Bobby Bare
  28. Naive Americans- Steve Martin (s-up)
  29. Bubba saw a saucer- Todd Yohn
  30. My husband- National Lampoon
  31. No anchovies please- J. Geils Band
  32. Downers Grove- Emo Philips (s-up)

    Lots of new stuff next week!
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