Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 1.26.12
A lot of Me, My and I this week
  1. Fred- Rodney Carrington
  2. Davie the Talkative Cat- Tim Biancalana
  3. Freaks and Weirdos- Mark Gross (s-up)
  4. Anna Freud- Dan Aykroyd and Laraine Newman
  5. Me, Myself and I- Woody-Boy Johnson
  6. Flipper and Gentle Ben- Brian Regan (s-up)
  7. Beerhunter- Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas)
  8. Bald is Beautiful- Bowser and Blue
  9. Ordering Out- Jim Colliton (s-up)
  10. Sidekick Heaven- Riders in the Sky
  11. Seven Old Ladies Locked in a Lavatory- Oscar Brand
  12. Crocodile Tears- Marcus Hardy (s-up)
  13. State Fair Woman- Larry Weaver
  14. NACI- The Chenille Sisters
  15. My Wife- Mike Armstrong (s-up)
  16. Take Stuff From Work- King Missile
  17. Drop Kick Me, Jesus- Bobby Bare
  18. My Name- Ahmed Ahmed (s-up)
  19. Earache My Eye- Cheech and Chong
  20. I'm on the Phone- HYULP
  21. Babies- Paul Nardizzi (s-up)
  22. Bachelor #2- Doodoo Wah
  23. I'm Everything- Robert Lund
  24. To Be a Dad- John Heffron (s-up)
  25. What Do You Want to Do Tonight?- Big Daddy Graham
  26. Words That Rhyme- Baldbox
  27. Sleep- Michael Somerville (s-up)
  28. Party at the Leper Colony- Weird Al Yankovic
  29. Incompetent Typesetter- The Royal Canadian Air Farce
  30. Bad Engineer- Jeff Caldwell (s-up)
  31. Bedtime Story- Kurt Weitzmann
  32. Shi Tsu- Jeremy Taylor
  33. Humble Origins- James P. Connolly (s-up)
  34. Children's Menu- Bob and Ray
  35. Macabre and Happy Things- Carlos Alazraqui (s-up)

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