Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 2.23.12
It's all about luck!
  1. The Chicken in Black- Johnny Cash
  2. Baby Take Me Shopping- Joe Hall and The Continental Drift
  3. Doodah- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  4. Barber Shop/Lumberjack Sketch- Monty Python
  5. Roaches Paradise- Paul Curtis
  6. Crappy Jobs- Dana Gould (s-up)
  7. Zalgon 26 McGee- The Radio Free Vestibules
  8. Life Sucks Then You Die- The Fools
  9. Plane Talk- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  10. The Loan Arranger- John Belushi and Brian Doyle-Murray
  11. I Janitor- The New Duncan Imperials
  12. Animals and Corn- Harland Williams (s-up)
  13. I Lost on Jeopardy- Weird Yankovic
  14. Bad Luck- Mike Rayburn
  15. Double Down- Josh Sneed (s-up)
  16. The Butt Song- Carol Lipnick and Jack Hardy
  17. Deteriorata- Norman Rose
  18. Sports Talk- Alonzo Bodden (s-up)
  19. Technology/LA Story- Arlo Guthrie
  20. My Little Hamster- Manny Cardoza
  21. Moth Balls and Disappointment- Adam Ferrara (s-up)
  22. The Horrible Movie Song- The Four Postmen
  23. Atheists Don't Have No Songs- Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers
  24. France and Italy- John Pinette (s-up)
  25. The Galaxy Song- The Bolivian Sunshine Dogs
  26. Bedside Manor- Mike Nichols and Elaine May
  27. Drinking Games- Mike Baldwin (s-up)
  28. No Balls at All- Bowser and Blue
  29. A Word From Farkle- Logan Whitehurst and The Jr. Science Club
  30. Punk Rock Bar- Judy Tenuta (s-up)

    Smarts? Not so much.
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