Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 2.3.11
Some new material this week
  1. Radio Radio- Bobby Jimmy and The Critters
  2. Dear Boss- Robbie O'Connell
  3. Kinda Brown- Dan Gabriel (s-up)
  4. Life Sucks...Then You Die- The Fools
  5. Moose in My House- Scott Laningham
  6. Jurassic Smoker- David Crowe (s-up)
  7. The Robot Cat- Logan Whitehurst and The Jr. Science Club
  8. Lance Learns to Box- The Credibility Gap
  9. 150% Creepy Clowns- Dan Cummins (s-up)
  10. Moose Turd Pie- Utah Phillips
  11. Patches the Clown- Deadbolt
  12. High Five Yourself- Christian Finnegan (s-up)
  13. Merle the Martian- Tim Wilson
  14. The Reincarnation Song- Roy Zimmerman
  15. I Love My Dog- George Carlin (s-up)
  16. Barber Shop/ Lumberjack Sketch- Monty Python
  17. The Nascar Song- Steve Goodie
  18. One Story- Demetri Martin (s-up)
  19. The TV Song- The Holy Modal Rounders
  20. Do Just What I Say- Mike Phirman
  21. To Be a Dad- John Heffron (s-up)
  22. No Tell Motel- Cathy Fink
  23. Swedish Orgy- The Conception Corporation
  24. Like a Good Neighbor- Matt Iseman (s-up)
  25. Let Me Make You Smile in Bed- The Four Postmen
  26. Ray Bradbury- The Dead Alewives
  27. Meeting Mix-up- Tracey MacDonald (s-up)
  28. Balls- Andrew Calhoun
  29. The Charitable James P.- James P. Connolly (s-up)

    I hope you enjoyed it!
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