Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 2.7.13
Winter is full on...the white stuff is piling up!
  1. The Frustrating Tale of Trixie Dee the Doubter- The Amoeba People
  2. Little Blue Riding Hood- Stan Freberg
  3. Sleep- Michael Somerville (s-up)
  4. A Nugget of Joy From Zorak: A Baby- Zorak
  5. Dreadful- Shel Silverstein
  6. I Love My Dog- George Carlin (s-up)
  7. The Cat Came Back...The Cats Perspective- Marc Gunn and the Dubliners
  8. Nothing Goes Right Blues- Shane Douglas
  9. Bowling- Jim Gaffigan (s-up)
  10. Joe Brackne- Stevens and Grdnic
  11. Rap Like a Pirate- Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew
  12. What'd I Say?- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  13. I Threw Some Meat Into the Pond- Chandler Travis
  14. Motion Activated- Jeff Caldwell (s-up)
  15. Bedside Manner- Mike Nichols and Elaine May
  16. I Always Wanted to Be...- The Four Postmen
  17. Customer Service- David Crowe (s-up)
  18. RE: Your Brains- Jonathan Coulton
  19. Blow 'em Away- Chuck Brodsky
  20. Punk Rock Bar- Judy Tenuta (s-up)
  21. The Galaxy Song- The Bolivian Sunshine Dogs
  22. Deteriorata- Norman Rose
  23. Special Victims and Ice T- John Mulaney (s-up)
  24. The Pussy Cat Song- The Laundromats
  25. Anna Freud- The Not Ready for Prime Time Players
  26. Voices- Kyle Kinane (s-up)
  27. Cruel Shoes- Steve Martin
  28. No Balls at All- Bowser and Blue
  29. Pets- Sean Morey (s-up)
  30. Big Bamboo- Lazy Boy
  31. Medieval Times- Wyatt Cenac (s-up)
  32. I've Got The World By the Balls- The Tubedogs
  33. Drinking Games- Mike Baldwin (s-up)

    Keep warm!
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