Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 3.13.14
'Tis a St. Patty's Day thing going on this week
  1. The Drinking Man's Diet- Allan Sherman
  2. Are You Ugly?- National Lampoon Comedians
  3. Recession Busters- Gary Gulman (s-up)
  4. The Last Keg on Earth- The Wayfarers
  5. The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up- Jason Hadley
  6. Paying For Your Sins- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  7. More Beer- Adrian Walker
  8. The Tooth Fairy Meets Mr.- Dick Orkin
  9. Levels of Drinking- Larry Miller (s-up)
  10. Sweat the Small Stuff- Steve Goodie
  11. The Beer Hunter- Bob and Doug McKenzie
  12. Baseball Football- George Carlin (s-up)
  13. The Irish Ballad- Tom Lehrer
  14. Ten Little Bottles- Johnny Bond
  15. Drinking Games- Mike Baldwin (s-up)
  16. Another Irish Drinking Song- Da Vinci's Notebook
  17. Fortune Teller- The Radio Free Vestibules
  18. Realistic Barbie- Diane Ford (s-up)
  19. Bicycle Seat- Max Splodge
  20. Burp Beer- Big Daddy Graham
  21. Meeting Mix-up- Tracey MacDonald (s-up)
  22. Beer is Good For You- Billy Fingers
  23. Little Bits and Pieces- Jim Stafford
  24. Beer vs Coffee- David Crowe (s-up)
  25. I Hate People- Gus and the Snowmen
  26. Love Destroyer- Stevens and Grdnic
  27. The Irish and Drinking- Kathleen Madigan (s-up)
  28. The Bell- Marty Feldman
  29. Celtic Love Song- The Cowards
  30. Drinking- Nick Griffin (s-up)
  31. Beer- The Asylum Street Spankers
  32. The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up- Jason Hadley
  33. DUI- Dan Cummins (s-up)

    Big on the stereotypes
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