Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 3.28.13
This show was supposed to be about Easter
  1. Shampoo- Cab City Combo
  2. St. George and the Dragonet- Stan Freberg
  3. College- Gallagher (s-up)
  4. Refried Beans- Cledus T Judd
  5. Ed Shepp Exposes Opravion- Ed Shepp
  6. Cartoons- Tim Slagle (s-up)
  7. I Like Beer- Tom T Hall
  8. Three Drunk Newts- Barnes and Barnes
  9. Coffee and Booze- Nick Griffin (s-up)
  10. Beerhunter- Bob and Doug McKenzie
  11. The Rise and Fall of the Supasucka 9,000,000- Flying Like Wilma
  12. Eating Right- Steve Macone (s-up)
  13. Focus Group- Kurt Weitzmann
  14. Wonka Terror- Marcus Hardy (s-up)
  15. Chicken Monkey Duck- Mike Phirman
  16. Children- Mike Armstrong (s-up)
  17. On the Shoulders of Freaks- Henry Phillips
  18. Randee: Basic Safety- Ducks Breath Mystery Theater
  19. Shipping and Handling- Mike Baldwin (s-up)
  20. Street Cred- MC Mr. Napkins
  21. The Big Sniff- Cheech and Chong
  22. Banks- Kathleen Madigan (s-up)
  23. Meat-O-Matic- The Late Show
  24. Coffee Gets You Going- Manny Cardoza
  25. Work- Pete Lee (s-up)
  26. The Winner- Bobby Bare
  27. Army Careers- The Frantics
  28. Performance Review- John Heffron (s-up)
  29. Dancing with Cold Ethyl- The Argyles
  30. Rabbit Valley- The Four Postmen
  31. The Easter Song- Paul and Storm
  32. Growing Up- Craig Campbell (s-up)
  33. 2 Hot For U- Barry and the Bookbinders
  34. I Suck As a Parent- Christopher Titus (s-up)
  35. Confession- Paul Gilmartin
  36. Dog Show Women- Daniel Tosh (s-up)

    Seems more like the animals have taken over
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