Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 4.23.15
A pretty diverse selection this week
  1. People, Animals and Plants- Big Butter
  2. Jellyfish- The Simpsons (Testify)
  3. The Inquirer- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  4. Folks Call Him Jim- Reverend Billy C Wirtz
  5. The National Security Council- National Lampoon
  6. Worst Cookie Ever- Gary Gulman (s-up)
  7. The Shallow End of the Gene Pool- Austin Lounge Lizards
  8. The Winner- Kris Kristofferson
  9. Groups and Charities- George Carlin (s-up)
  10. Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals- Gilda Radner
  11. Drive-thru Colonics- The Air Pirates
  12. Sexuality- Jake Johannsen (s-up)
  13. One More Minute- Weird Al Yankovic
  14. Massage Parlor- Stevens and Grdnic
  15. Love Songs- Richard Jeni (s-up)
  16. Take the Skinheads Bowling- Camper Van Beethoven
  17. Sign Me Up!- Synaptic Anarchy Playhouse
  18. Radon Test- Paul Nardizzi (s-up)
  19. I Live in a Split Level Head- Napolean XIV
  20. Viaduct- The Marx Brothers
  21. Customer Service- David Crowe (s-up)
  22. Bachelor's Lament- The Wayfarers
  23. Alternative Child- Brian Doyle-Murray and John Belushi
  24. It's Hot- Tom Wilson (s-up)
  25. Too Many Ways Too Die- The Fools
  26. Monkies Are Bad People- Logan Whitehurst
  27. Jews and Muslims- Ahmed Ahmed (s-up)
  28. Wrong- Eugene Chadbourne
  29. Amber- Kurt Weitzmann
  30. My Neighborhood- Mike Armstrong (s-up)

    A plethora of nonsense!
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