Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 4.25.13
Full moooon tonight!
  1. Along Came Jones- The Coasters
  2. Nanna Was a Nascar Driver- Rik Roberts
  3. Sports Talk- Alonzo Bodden (s-up)
  4. Abdul Abulbul Amir- Hank Thompson
  5. On the Shoulders of Freaks- Henry Phillips
  6. Moose Turd Pie- Utah Phillips
  7. Wrong- Eugene Chadbourne
  8. The Incompetent Typesetter- The Royal Canadian Air Farce
  9. Technology- Harland Williams (s-up)
  10. The Cat Got Dead- Heywood Banks
  11. I Don't Care- Tom Wilson
  12. What's That Clickin' Noise?- Henry Cho (s-up)
  13. Adhesive Steve- Neal Gladstone
  14. The Knuckle Song- Barry and the Bookbinders
  15. Paying For Your Sins- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  16. It Sucks to be You- Darryl Rhoades
  17. Abattoire- Monty Python
  18. Dammit,I'm Eating Pretzels!- Mike Birbiglia (s-up)
  19. Roaches- Bobby Jimmy and the Critters
  20. News- Maclean and Maclean
  21. Cartoons- Tim Slagle (s-up)
  22. The Baseball Song- Billy Dare and the Pumps
  23. Werecow- Flippy T. Fishhead
  24. Words that Rhyme- Baldbox
  25. Old Folks- Jay Sankey (s-up)
  26. The Good old Days- Weird Al Yankovic
  27. I Hate Cockroaches- Bananas at Large
  28. Housekeeping- Kevin Meaney (s-up)
  29. Very Short Books- Tom Tuerff
  30. Fake- Daniel Tosh (s-up)

    No, that was NOT a misprint
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