Comedy101 Playlist for 4.5.07
Easter, Spring and all the trimmings
  1. Ya Wanna Buy a Bunny- Spike Jones and his City Slickers
  2. A Dog Named Zippo- Da Yoopers
  3. Mens Cooking Show- Richard Jeni (s-up)
  4. The Sleep Song- Kenny young and the Eggplants
  5. Operation Dessert Storm- Local Anxiety
  6. Bud Song- Gary Muledeer (s-up)
  7. I Was Only Kidding- Weird Al Yankovic
  8. Kevin and God- Radio Free Vestibules
  9. Easter- Bill Hicks (s-up)
  10. Ballad of Palindrome- Riders In the Sky
  11. Earth Girls Are Easy- Julie Brown
  12. Dollar Store- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  13. In Heaven There Is No Beer- The Polkaholics
  14. Cruel Shoes- Steve Martin
  15. Religion and Christ- Jeremy Hardy (s-up)
  16. I'm It- Andy Breckman
  17. 2 Hot 4 You- Barry and the Bookbinders
  18. Construction Site- Emo Philips (s-up)
  19. Leave It To Ghengis- The Cowards
  20. The Roommate Song- Brooks and Fraser
  21. Line Dancing- Vince Valenzuela (s-up)
  22. Answering Machine- Dead Alewives
  23. Alternative Child- Brian Doyle Murray and John Belushi
  24. Accents- Craig Shoemaker (s-up)
  25. Last Lager Waltz- Kevin Bloody Wilson
  26. Macho Robot- The Android Sisters
  27. Unsafe World- Jimmy Dore (s-up)
  28. The Baseball Song- Billy Dare and the Pumps
  29. The Trouble hole- Kip Addotta (s-up)

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